Are you an ambitious runner who wants to take performance to the next level during your next race? We would like to tell four ways in which you can improve your running performance:

1. Cover a longer distance

Studies have shown that most runners do not cover enough mileage in a week to make a significant improvement to their performance. Apart from that, the way you run is also decisive. Research has revealed that it is more efficient to do a low-effort run 80% of the time; the remaining 20% should be high-effort running. It is not just about running X kilometres more every week, but also adjusting the way we run - but surely during low-effort running it cannot be that difficult to cover a longer distance, right?adidas-p-running-fw15-ultra-boost-clp-mh-clp_71795

2. Speed up

This might sound like a contradiction after having said that most of the time spent running should be low-effort. What we mean though is that you should incorporate interval training into your run to increase your speed. Yet again, studies have shown that intense interval sessions can increase your maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max). A high VO2 max means that your body provides the working muscles with more oxygen, which logically improves your running performance.image

3. Get stronger

We have already explained in other posts that weight training is really important for runners. In order to endure the strain on the buttocks and back, regular muscle-building exercises should be incorporated into your training. One study proves that runners who spend 30% of their training time doing toning exercises notice a direct improvement to their running performance. Particularly explosive weight training has the most positive impact.13343132_1190445980980212_8280130025051136791_n

4. Improve your mental stamina

One of the hardest yet most important characteristics for athletes is mental strength. Enduring training and staying motivated are often the biggest challenges. Mental strength is also important for performance – if your running buddy is slowly leaving you behind or you feel tired quicker during training, it may be time for you to undertake some mental exercises so you can overcome challenges more often. Hold on and keep at it!two-men-running-away-from-camera-cold-winter-1164x591-940x477

Source: Under Armour