It often seems like a sales strategy when sports brands or sports article manufacturers advise you to buy new shoes, but there are many good evidence-based reasons why getting new sports footwear is actually necessary. Above all, when you run, your shoes wear down over time, which can lead to injuries. The general rule of thumb is that running shoes last on average 800 kilometers. Here we give you four good reasons to seek out new running shoes:


1. Your shoes look very worn

If your running shoes look worn and out of shape, this is often a sign that you should get new ones. It isn’t a question of looks or aesthetics, but rather that worn down shoes often provide less damping or grip than you need from a running shoe.

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2. Your knees hurt after running

Worn down damping can lead to pain in your knees or hips. The damping in new shoes springs back so it cushions every step next time you go running; contrary to this, worn down midsoles cannot spring back any more and this results in increased pressure on your joints.Asics_SS16_FuzeX_20_LR

3. Too much space in your shoes

If your shoes feel too big no matter how tight you lace them up, this is also a sign that you should change your shoes. The worn out upper material can lead to a loss of stability and increased friction against the skin (and, eventually, blisters).


4. New shoes used as motivation

The price you pay for new running shoes can serve as motivation to take running seriously. Keeping the phrase “Now more than ever” in mind, this investment can be used to intensify your training or make you run for longer.

If you feel inspired by this, you know where you can find the best shoes for your running training ;-)