Former top freestyle skier Lara Rosenbaum tells us of three easy ways to get fit while doing your day-to-day activities.

1. Go outdoors

Fresh air, green grass and the smells of the forest all help to boost happiness and they can be responsible for positive thinking. Researchers at Stanford University have discovered that a 90-minute walk out in the fresh air eliminates negative thoughts. A short outdoor trip can be very motivating and have a strong effect your self-esteem.

2. Find training buddies

Practising sports alone can reduce stress, but a workout with a training partner is more fun. Studies show that partners pressure each other into doing sport, which results in an increased amount of exercise. Apart from that, sports friends are supportive and doing training sessions together can help build up a routine.

3. Be efficient

If you don't like the idea of long stamina workouts, just go out more often and do shorter, more intense workouts. After all, some research shows that shorter workouts have the same calorie-burning effects as a 30 minute workout. Strength training doesn't need to be complicated either - basic exercises like squats or lunges can burn more calories than focused movements because the first work larger muscle groups. Additional exercises to work the arms and shoulders will round off the training and make it a whole body workout.