GORE RUNNING WEAR®, the brand to go to for functional, high quality running clothes, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. To honour this occasion, GORE has launched its anniversary collection, which is made up of the brand's most popular products from the last 20 years. These products have all been equipped with the latest technologies and have a very modern, stylish design.


The collection represents 20 years of functionality and design, 20 years of experience poured into the best functional clothing, innovative technologies and materials, 20 years of defying the elements and loving running to the extreme.


This collection comprises of running tops in bold designs and wind-stopper running jackets. Thanks to GORE WINDSTOPPER® technology, these are completely windproof. Apart from that, the membrane is extremely breathable and allows water vapour to escape - this means that runners will not freeze with their perspiration in winter. Additionally, the jackets are equipped with a lasting coating that provides waterproof protection. The Windstopped jackets offer a high level of comfort in cold, windy weather conditions while always looking sleek and stylish.

The anniversary collection is available in our shop for men and women.