Our partner K-Swiss has launched the new tennis competition shoe: the Knitshot. The shoe sets new standards when it comes to robustness and comfort. In this post we want to introduce you to some of the technologies integrated into this K-Swiss shoe:


K-Nit: In the new K-Swiss Knitshot, the brand used a special upper in the forefoot area. The so-called k-Nit provides a particularly hardwearing structure. This resistant material was integrated into the shoe in such a way that, similar to traditional high performance shoes, this model comes without a forefoot cage. Despite the extended abrasion-resistance technology, this shoe still offers soft, smooth comfort.

Drylex Dryfreeze: This technology was used for the rest of the K-Swiss Knitshot’s upper. The integrated Flow-Cool perforations provide improved air circulation for better breathability, which in turn keeps your foot cool and dry.

Guideglide: This is the name of the special Dual Density Ortholite construction of the midsole. It stands out mainly because of its slim structure, which doubles up as a first layer of damping. The slightly higher rim means that the midsole works with the 360° Carbon Titanium plate to deliver additional stability, especially during lateral movements.

Rapid outsole with DragGuard: This is a shorter version of "Radially Adapted Player Inspired Design". The special profile supports fast movements needed during a good tennis match, and it is reinforced with extremely hardwearing rubber material called Aösta 7.0. DragGuard is used mostly in high wear-and-tear zones, meaning that the K-Swiss Knitshot is reinforced in such a way that it is protected wearing down too quickly.

Knitshot tech sheet

All in all, our partner K-SwissKnitshot is the ideal tennis shoe for long competition matches. With this shoe you can take your game to a whole new level and enjoy tennis to the fullest. We recently added this shoe to our selection.