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Still looking for a gift for a sports-mad friend? Christmas is just around the corner? Your search has come to an end at Keller Sports. Together with our Keller Sport Pros, we have researched the most popular gifts for athletes - and compiled our ideas for you, grouped by theme. Let us inspire you, because people are happy about sports gifts more than once! Are you ready to give a gift? Put it on the wish list, get going!


A gift card or voucher always fits, and is often the "last minute gift idea" when time is short. Vouchers are a safe choice and offer the recipient complete freedom when it comes to choice. It's not for nothing that voucher gifts are among the most common gifts in Europe - over 42% of the Europeans like to give a voucher as a gift at Christmas. On average, people spent about 200 euros for Christmas in 2019. With the Keller Sports gift card, you can choose from 13,000 high-quality sports articles - for beginners, hobby athletes, professionals and competitors. In addition, you can choose from almost 5,000 other sportswear items such as sneakers, hoodies, jackets, caps, backpacks and bags in the Keller x shop.

The Keller Sports gift card is available as

  • 25.00 EUR gift card
  • 50.00 EUR gift card
  • 75.00 EUR gift card
  • 100.00 EUR gift card
  • 150.00 EUR gift card

Of course, combinations are also possible, e.g. 2x 150.00 EUR gift vouchers = total value of 300.00 EUR.

Whether you are looking for running, outdoor, winter sports, cycling, fitness, tennis or athleisure sportswear - you are sure to find what you are looking for. For runners, mountain and cycling athletes, tennis players, fitness fans or sporty all-rounders - with the Keller gift card you are always on the right track if you want to give an active person a present. Simply select the desired amount, buy the voucher, hand over the gift and the recipient can redeem the voucher. You will receive the gift voucher as a PDF immediately after purchase. You can either print out the Keller Sports gift voucher and combine it with a greeting card or send it directly digitally.

If the gift recipient's purchase exceeds the value of the voucher, the difference can be settled conveniently with all suitable means of payment. You can find more information about redeeming our vouchers in our FAQs. The general terms and conditions for our vouchers can be found here.


The Keller Sport Pros agree: when giving a gift, it's not the material value that counts, but rather the thought and idea behind it. A gift shows how well you know each other and how much the giver is involved with the recipient - how much time and effort has been invested. What kind of sport does the recipient like? Sportswear, sports shoes, equipment or backpacks are very good gifts, and the present gains in charm if it is "personalised" with additional little things before wrapping. A functional shirt for a work colleague offers much greater motivation in training if colleagues put their names or a snappy saying on it. A rain jacket can be tested on the spot if a bottle of water is included. A pair of running shoes or a new backpack for a planned trekking tour are immediately much more attractive if a new running route or a planned hiking route is included.

For all those who don't have time to organise, are unsure or if the right ideas are missing: A voucher is always a safe & solid choice for a short-term attention. You can never go wrong with a Keller Sports gift card!


You should be clear about all the details before you get a gift. Of course, we have the same return period for all sporting goods in the shop, and it is possible to exchange a gift if you don't like it. However, gifts that fit & please immediately are even nicer. You can use our wish list in the shop if several sporting goods are on your shortlist.

Consider these questions in advance:

  • Age, size, gender of the person to be gifted.
  • Type of sport, needs & training level: is it a beginner, hobby athlete, professional or competitor?
  • Favourite brands: which manufacturers are most trusted?
  • Colour & design preferences provide motivation & well-being if liked.
  • Number of co-donors - are you alone or do others participate? What is your minimum contribution?
  • Budget. How much should your gift cost? Your budget determines the size and scope of the gift.


For many people, the daily or weekly run is indispensable. Running, jogging or sprinting requires very little equipment: Running shoes, clothes and fanny pack, belt or running backpack are probably the most important. You can find all this and much more, such as running accessories, mobile phone cases, sports watches, glasses or headlamps, in our online running shop.

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Let's go out - whether on the weekend, during the holidays or on holiday: when the next mountain or hiking tour calls, the equipment should also be ready. In the Outdoor Online Shop you will find suitable outdoor jackets, hiking boots, backpacks, pullovers, trousers and outdoor equipment. The joy of gifts for outdoor fans is even greater if you have already planned the next route or organised a new tour.

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A new helmet, cycling glasses, jersey, cycling shoes or a lightweight, waterproof cycling jacket - especially for road cyclists, clothing and equipment should be high-quality, robust, reliable, lightweight and weatherproof! Whether for the evening training round, a ride at the weekend or the training camp in spring or late spring - in the Bike Online Shop you will find equipment, clothing and cycling accessories that will inspire every bike sports fan.

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It's lucky for every skier that Christmas falls right in the winter season! The best opportunity to get a new ski jacket, snow pants, ski socks, helmet, goggles, safety equipment or ski accessories. You'll find a selection of over 4,000 ski articles in our winter sports online shop. Of course, the ski gift is even nicer if the next ski tour or winter holiday can take place together!

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Everything a tennis player's heart could desire - you'll find it here, of course, in the Keller Sports Tennis Shop. From tennis shoes and tennis clothing to rackets, balls, tennis bags and practical tennis accessories. With a selection of over 2,300 tennis articles, there's sure to be the right tennis gift for your loved ones in our online tennis shop! But your gift for tennis players will be even better if you swing the racket yourself and challenge the recipient to the next match!

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