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Training trousers - dryness and comfort

During a demanding and enduring workout, friction and moisture are your enemy. But with the right training clothes, you can prevent skin irritations and concentrate fully on your performance. Because training trousers have moisture-regulating properties and are extremely breathable, so that annoying moisture can be quickly transported away from the inside to the outside. This keeps you feeling dry and comfortable during your workout.

These training trousers support your workout

Since every sport places different demands on you, training trousers come in a variety of styles:

  • long tight
  • long training pants with a loose fit
  • ¾ length training pants
  • tight-fit shorts
  • Loose fit training shorts
  • 2-in-1 training shorts

You don't seek your athletic challenge on high mountains, but rather on the mat? Then these tight-fitting training tights are made for you. Thanks to their light compression effect, they support your body perfectly during your workout. The training tights fit you like a second skin and ensure the best conditions for your workout thanks to their quick-drying and breathable material. If you prefer to train in the great outdoors, it's best to go for training pants with a loose fit. Thanks to the soft, breathable fabric, these training trousers offer you optimal comfort and pleasant dryness.

Tracksuit bottoms for hot summer days

In the summer, temperatures climb rapidly, making your workout more sweaty than usual. In such warm environments, you need a pair of short, lightweight training pants that allow air to reach your perspiring skin and give you the best possible freedom of movement. Here too, you can choose between a close-fitting and a loose fit. They can be tailored to your personal preference in terms of style and comfort. Or you can choose the best of both worlds and go for a 2-in-1 training short. This functional combination of a tight-fitting short tight, which offers you optimal freedom of movement, with a loose-fitting outer layer is a very popular hybrid variant.



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