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Where do I send back my return?

Returns need to be shipped to our warehouse in Germany. This is the address: Logistic Departmentc/o PVS Verlags-Service GmbH Boschstraße 268753 Waghäusel Germany

For our Dutch customers, the address is:

Freightways Distriservices B.V.(Keller Sports) Nijverheidstraat 2 2222 AV Katwijk ( ZH ) The Netherlands

For our French customers, the address is:

c/o KELLER SPORT RETURNS SHOPRUNBACK FR / LEGENDRE service logistique ZA Le Radray et le Muid 3 et 5 rue Hélène Boucher 28630 GELLAINVILLE France

For our Italian customers, the address is:

Pvs Services c/o La giovane Magazzino 5 Strada A di Gainago 2/A, Località Gainago 43056 – Torrile (PR) Italy

For our Spanish customers, the address is: Pasaje Montserrat Isern, 6 08908 Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona España