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In order to find an article that you are looking for, we offer you three different ways to search:

  • Browse:

Choose a category from the menu bar above and browase through our selection of goods. You can either click on a main category and look at all the items there, or if you have a clearer idea of what you´re looking for, use the filters on the left to refine your search.

  • Search:

If you already know what you are looking for, it would be best if you fill in one or more search terms into the search box. If you are ever transferred to a page you did not want to go to, you can always return to the homepage by clicking on the top-left logo. As a search term, you can use:

  • product name (e.g. REFLEX 102)

  • product categories (such as rackets, pants)

  • item number (e.g. TTSBA096001)

  • descriptive concepts (e.g. colors, sizes, etc.)

  • combination of different terms (this is for products which include terms from this combination, for example: red trousers, Head rackets)

  • terms of service and support (e.g. delivery)

Click on "search" to get a report of the results. In the row above the articles you will see how many products for your selection were found. With "sort by" you can determine what criteria and in what order the results should be displayed.

Refine your results: If you know more precisely what you are looking for, you can further refine the results: Put additional search terms in the left column or choose specific details of the sections (e.g. particular brand, size or color). If it is not listed what you are looking for or do you want to select mulitiple items, click on "more choice" and enter your desired details in the field that opens. Your selected details are always shown on the left at the top of the column. If you want to leave out a certain point (e.g. green), a heading (e.g. color) or the entire selection, click on the relevant "x" or "cancel".