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Earn 25 cents for writing a product review
With the ability to evaluate all products on Keller Sports, we offer you another exclusive feature on our online store. Reviews facilitate your purchase and help you find the right product. Also, you can support other tennis fans who are shopping at Holabird by writing your own product reviews. Furthermore, you can get 25 cents by submitting a review of a product you bought.

How can I write a product review?
You can do this on almost any product description page. The only prerequisite is that you have a login. Simply click on the "Write Review " button and away you go.

1 Member Name
Your profile name is automatically loaded from your account details. If you want to change it, you can do this at any time under "My Account - My Profile " tab.

2 Tennis level
In this field you choose your appropriate skill level. This feature is to differentiate the information content of a product evaluation and facilitate it to all tennis enthusiasts. - Beginner : You have been playing tennis for less than three years. - Advanced : You have been playing tennis for three years or longer. - Team player: You play tennis actively as part of a team. - Tournament Player: You take part in ranking tournaments in addition to team playing.

3 How do you rate this article?
Here you now have the opportunity to evaluate the different properties of the product with 1 to 5 stars, which are to be interpreted as follows:
- 1 star  : Don´t like it at all.
- 2 stars : I do not like it.
- 3 stars : I like it.
- 4 stars : I like it a lot.
- 5 Stars : This product is excellent.

4 Title of your review
The title of your review should summarise the content of your written review. It should be as short as possible while still accurately summarise the content.

5 Please enter your text here
- Give detailed and specific information about the product.
- What information do you wish you had before purchasing the product? Please write between 75 and 300 words.
- For the content of your review, you can orient yourself on the product features that you've previously rated with stars.
- Don´t just say why you liked the product or not, please give the reasons why.
- Try to avoid comments on price, availability, etc. , because they lose relevance.
- Please avoid repeating comments made by other customers.
- The review is intended to help other customers, so please rate the product itself and not the performance and service of our online shop.

6 Preview of your review
If you've previously filled out all given fields, then you can now click on "Preview your review" and then get an overview of how your review will look on the product detail page. If necessary, you can change or correct it before you publish the review.

7 Each review earns you 25 cents
Once you publish your review, it will be processed editorially by Holabird and appear later (approximately after 48 hours) on the relevant product detail page. You will receive your voucher code via e-mail and it will also be stored in your account. The voucher value can be increased with increasing number of product reviews. You can use the voucher to buy any product on, just enter the code in the box provided and redeem it during the first step of the checkout process. The voucher can be combined with other vouchers.

How do I know if a comment is helpful or not?
The product reviews have an additional comment feature. All visitors on Holabird have the opportunity to comment on the reviews submitted, and rate them as helpful or unhelpful. Just after reading the reviews on the relevant product detail page, the question " Do you think this review is helpful ? " appears.

How can I change my review after publishing it?
You can do this under My Account > my product reviews. Just select " change review " and you get the option to change all the review data and then publish your corrected version.

How can I delete my written review?
You can do this under My Account > my product reviews. Simply select the review you want to delete and click on " delete review".