My address book

Address book for billing and delivery addresses

So you don't have to enter your address every time you order, we have set up an address book for you. It is possible to create and edit different delivery and billing adresses. During the ordering process the addresses for billing and shipping, which you have set as standard in your address book, are given as a suggestion. With a simple click on "use a different address" you can easily choose one of your other saved addresses or simply add a new one. Please note that when specifiying a new address, re- entering the payment data is required. This ensures that an address will only be changed if you require it.

Different delivery address to billing address

It may be the case that the shipping address is different to the bililng address, perhaps you would like your order sent to your workplace or to a friend´s house as a gift. In the second step of the ordering process, called ´address´ you have the option to enter a different delivery address to your billing address. To select a different shipping address click on ´yes´ next to ´I want to use a different delivery address´ and choose from the following addresses the one to which your order should be sent to or simply add a new one.