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brand: Yonex

Yonex - the equation for your success

The sun rises with Yonex because the Japanese manufacturer of professional tennis equipment impresses with a spirit of innovation that is perfectly tailored to the needs of top athletes. Whether you need a tennis racket or shoes - sports products from Yonex are the bread and butter of tennis. For accessories and bags you can also rely on the Keller Sports online tennis store. Here you can find the perfect equipment for your tennis ambitions!

Yonex tennis rackets - cutting-edge technology in your hands

Yonex surprises with a slightly rectangular appearance in the outer shape of their rackets - a completely fresh design! The inner workings of Yonex tennis rackets have a lot more in store for you. The rackets of the series Vcore Xi are the appropriate means to permanently move in the offensive: "Extra Isometric" is the magic word for this novel head design. Behind this is an extremely lightweight Micro Core material with an unusually high density that has been specially developed by Yonex. An agent that is injected into the frame ensures a reduction of the vibration. This innovative Yonex technology leads to more power, stability during ball contact and feel. The flagship of this power series is the Vcore Xi 98. With this racket you will benefit with shots from the baseline, because you´ll get great length out of each shot. More Spin and high maneuverability of the racket are developed by the Micro Core Technology because the head has improved values in the acceleration phase. Top of the charts is without question the precision capability of the Vcore Xi 98. A racket directly aimed at tournament players.

A question of the position of the game - Yonex tennis shoes

Yonex has broken new ground with processing technologies. The same is also true for the use of materials with which Yonex looks to the future of tennis. The aim is to connect impressive comfort with optimal performance of the athlete. The Yonex tennis shoes series SHT -Pro All Court rely on a three-layered sole. The Yonex Power Cushion material used in this case is a little miracle in terms of shock absorption and cushioning. The Yonex tennis damping system helps the athlete get increased protection from injury. What´s more: the Power Cushion material converts the shocks into an energy that supports the active movement of the tennis player's body. In turn the upper, made of Durable Skin Guard, is the optimal solution for the reinforcement of the shoes. The resulting stability pays off especially during fast changes of direction. As a result, you receive the foundations for a better and faster foot and leg work. The SHT -Pro series by Yonex is aimed at all those who want the best gear for their favourite sport and want to get the best out of themselves. Another advantage of this shoe series in the Yonex online shop is in an extremely durable outsole made with Endurance Rubber. With it you can indulge in completely worry-free training. You will win easily on all court surfaces thanks to the herringbone tread pattern sole. In short: The SHT -Pro shoe in the online Yonex shop is a support for winners!

The consulting service in the online Yonex tennis store at Keller Sports

Shop for advanced technology sports products while receiving top quality advice - that is the motto of the Yonex online shop at Keller Sports. That is why we have put together a team which would like to support you in all matters relating to the absolute top brand Yonex. If you have questions about the Yonex technology behind the racket, shoes or accessories of your choice, we will be happy to talk with you and talk you through all the benefits. You'll have a better overview of how the items in the online Yonex store are suitable for your training, your fitness level or your next important tournament. To achieve your best game on the court it is our promise that with quality products in the online Yonex store you will also get competent advice from experts at Keller Sports.

The navigation menu in the Yonex online store at Keller Sports

A number of high-tech rackets made by Yonex have abbreviations in their titles. The online store of Keller Sports has taken the shortcut to success by creating the KSPME ®. The Keller Sports Product Matching Engine is the great operating menu for your search for Yonex equipment; with a variety of presets you can choose your search filters as needed and show all suitable products at a glance.


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