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The basics of choosing a racket undoubtedly include questions about grip strength and weight, as well as surface area and balance. When it comes to the grips, it is important that your hand encloses it almost completely. A grip that is too thick will cause fatigue, and a grip that is too narrow will impair your control of the racket. Tournament players should choose a smaller head size: this size allows you to optimally increase the pressure on the ball. On the other hand, beginners who want to concentrate on their swing and for whom success in competitive situations is not yet the priority should buy a large Wilson tennis racket. The models with a medium head size are well suited for recreational players who are looking for a relaxed match from time to time. When it comes to balance, you should consider whether you want to order a head-heavy, a grip-heavy or a balanced racquet. This decision will also have immediate results for your game: If you want to go on the attack, the grip-heavy racquet is the ultimate for you. But the head-heavy ones favour the swing and are a good choice for beginners as well as for all spin players: the spin is excellent with this model. And if you only play tennis occasionally for pleasure, you are well advised to use this well-balanced racket for your leisure activities. Basically, you should always keep the use of the racket in focus: Do you want to get fit for all situations with an all-round racket or are you preparing for a tournament? Or are you planning to use a comfort racket? Buy Wilson tennis rackets at Keller Sports - the selection of rackets is always geared towards your needs and goals.



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