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For just under 100 years, the company Völkl from Straubing has been passionate about skiing. This successful manufacturer appeals to customers worldwide with their first class skis. Developed with the help of athletes in countless races, their freestyle and freeride skis are fantastic in deep snow. On the famous Völkl Racetigers you'll be sure to make the pistes tremble. In the Keller Sports online shop you will find the right Völkl skis for every slope and sporting adventure.

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7 Recommendations

brand: Völkl

Völkl Ski - 100 years of experience and more modern than ever

Since 1875, the Völkl family have lived in the Bavarian town of Straubing, where they started off by building horse-drawn carriages. Georg Völkl and his son Franz extended the range to include sledges and boats - something for every season. In the year 1923, the first wooden skis were added under the name Vöstra. This marked their official start as a ski manufacturer.
In 1952, Franz Völkl Junior took over as the third-generation manager of the company. In the 40 years that he was manager, he modernised ski production in Straubing and also brought the company a long way on an international scale. In the meantime, the brand has grown to become the biggest ski manufacturer in Germany and one of the biggest worldwide.

Daring innovations lead to international success

In 1967, Völkl broke away from their rather conservative collection to introduce the zebra design. Whilst the sector laughed at this idea, customers from all over the world literally snatched the designer skis out of the Straubing company's hands. In 1970 the ski manufacturer made its debut as a sponsor in alpine ski racing. This was the beginning of a new era for Völkl and, together with different athletes, the company continued to develop technological innovations. This brought the brand to several world cup wins, Olympic medals and world championship titles over the years, alongside new customers.

Völkl skis: technology and quality made in Germany

High-tech and high quality are two concepts that describe the German company and its products perfectly. To be technically sound is a claim that the ski brand made in its early days as a craft business and which it still makes today. The combination of tradition and audacity to constantly progress has brought the company countless successes. Völkl incorporate high-tech materials into modern designs using their decades of know-how and excellently trained workers.
This is how the ski manufacturer produces racing skis like the Völkl Racetiger for world cup skiers, as well as all different kinds of skis for leisure. The design process, production, graphic design and even the digitally produced or screen-printed colour print on the skis, are carried out within the company itself. This helps the company to guarantee competence and quality control. Völkl are highly aware of the importance of nature. At the end of the day, if it weren't for outdoor sports, the ski manufacturer wouldn't exist. For this reason, the brand also strives for sustainability and social responsibility.

Innovation, high-tech materials and tradition - A Völkl ski for every downhill run.

Are you the one zooming past everyone on all the slopes? Then the Völkl Racetiger is surely the ultimate ski for you. With the Yumi range or the innovative V-Werks Code Ski you will look good both on the slopes and when freeriding. The freeride ski has the best all-mountain characteristics rolled into one. It's a ski for beginners or more advanced skiers who like to be flexible or don't know where their path will lead. With the lightweight VTA touring ski you will be swiftly making your way up even in sporting ascents. As with all Völkl skis the most fun is then to be had on the way back down.


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