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That's why you need Uvex ski helmets

Going onto the slopes without an Uvex ski helmet is almost like deciding to try it with just one ski. Quite possible, but inconvenient. After all, the ski helmet not only protects you physically if you fall. At the same time, it gives you the safety you need to get a little closer to your limits. To try out the new freeride route or simply enjoy the endless downhill run. Especially as Uvex ski helmets have various innovations that increase protection on the one hand and the comfort level while skiing on the other.

Some adapt to your head, others are designed so that you can hear naturally even through the warming padding around your ears. All of them can be adjusted precisely and tightly so that nothing slips and nothing pinches at the same time. Ski helmets from Uvex support your trips to the piste, ski tour or fun park in several dimensions. They offer you the necessary protection and a warming feeling at the same time. The inlays in the helmet replace the cap, so to speak, but can be removed in a flash if in doubt.

The advantages of Uvex ski helmets

Protection is a matter of course. Uvex achieves this with its ski helmets through various technical innovations - and garnishes them with other ideas that significantly improve comfort:

  • The ski goggles fit: A standard feature of Uvex ski helmets for men and women is that your ski goggles do not slip around. Every model - apart from those with visors - has a kind of clip at the back to which you can attach your goggles.
  • Effective air circulation: Of course, your Uvex ski helmet should also keep you warm while skiing. However, you want to avoid heat accumulation. That's why Uvex attaches great importance to effective ventilation in its ski helmets. Air ducts at the front allow air to flow inside, while outlets at the back allow warm air to escape. There are also closable air vents. With them, you can adjust the circulation to the temperatures on the mountain itself and according to your needs.
  • Adapt your Uvex helmet to your head: Fast Adapting System. Uvex uses this to give its ski helmets an even better fit. The brand uses precisely placed straps that you can adjust easily and precisely so that the ski helmet fits as snugly as possible to your head.
  • Removable, breathable lining: You don't need a cap under a ski helmet from Uvex. The lining provides the necessary warmth. But not only that. Thanks to COOLMAX technology, the fabric actively wicks moisture away from the skin for a dry feeling. You can also remove and wash the lining or wear a cap under your Uvex ski helmet, available online at Keller Sports.
  • Different shell technologies for maximum protection: Uvex designs its ski helmets to offer you the best possible protection in the event of a fall or impact. To achieve this, the brand is working on constructions that are based on several layers and thus provide multi-dimensional protection against shocks.
  • Design: Simple elegance. That's what you get from Uvex. The brand likes to design its ski helmets in monochrome. They are also often matt and thus express stylish minimalism. If you prefer something more eye-catching, there are also models with neon details.

Special features of Uvex ski helmets

Uvex's traditional history began with eye protection. "Ultraviolet Excluded". This acronym forms the name Uvex and is therefore also found in some of the brand's ski helmets. Some models in our Uvex ski helmet shop offer you the option of using the brand's eyewear expertise. They have a visor integrated into the helmet that you can open. The brand relies on full UV protection and technologies that improve visibility in different weather conditions.

At the same time, of course, you also want to make the best possible use of your other senses on the slopes. To ensure this, Uvex equips some of its ski helmet linings with its Natural Sound System. They have a membrane around the ears that helps you to realistically perceive ambient noise. The protection factor for the head is provided by robust material mixtures around hard shells made of thermoplastic and extremely dense foam inlays that absorb the impact.

Visor, Legend and JAKK - Popular ski helmet series from Uvex.

Uvex' visor ski helmets with integrated visor combine the brand's two specialities in the best possible way. Intensive protection, innovative constructions and fitting systems on the one hand. Visibility-enhancing, sun-protecting lenses for different conditions on the other. Uvex makes it easy for you to look stylish on the slopes with its JAKK+ style ski helmets. They combine robust outer shells with fashionable applications. Style meets function. All-mountain skiers, on the other hand, like to grab Uvex Legend ski helmets, which look a bit like the head protection worn by helicopter pilots. In addition, there is sophisticated ventilation, perfect adaptation to your head and intensive padding on the inside.

The Uvex ski helmet shop - online at Keller Sports

Discover the great variety in our Uvex ski helmet store: Different colours. Also for the Legend. Various options for the JAKK+. Plus the Uvex Visor series and other premium models from the brand, which you can find at Keller Sports. No matter what you choose, you can order your favourite Uvex ski helmet online and have it sent to your home. Possibly even with a great price advantage. Keller Sports also regularly offers attractive sales for the German brand's innovations. We will keep you informed about these Uvex ski helmet offers, which you can also combine with our popular premium discount, in our regular newsletter.



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