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Performance, efficiency, precision, protection - whether at work or in sport. UVEX has been developing innovative technologies against this background for over 90 years. These should protect people in the first place, but also improve top athletes through the plus in trust. In the meantime, UVEX has become one of the world's leading experts in the field of protective equipment and also offers an ever-increasing range of products for athletes.

The foundation stone of this Franconian success story was laid in 1926. At that time Philipp Winter founded the "Optische-Industrie-Anstalt Philipp M. Winter" and initially manufactured protective glasses of all kinds. The final renaming of the brand into UVEX and the increasing focus on the sports sector, however, was only achieved by Winter's son Rainer. He had taken over the company in 1962 and developed the brand name from the quality feature for sunglasses "ultra-violet excluded".


The family business is now in its third generation and unites three internationally active companies under one roof: the UVEX safety group, the UVEX sports group (UVEX sports and Alpina) and the Filtral group (Filtral and Primetta). In addition to technologically mature ski and bicycle helmets, stylish ski goggles and other sports goggles for a perfect view when biking or in urban environments, UVEX continues to specialise in occupational safety.

Personal protective equipment for the job - from helmets to safety shoes - accounts for 60 percent of the total turnover and even the lion's share of the Fürthers. The UVEX sports and UVEX safety divisions complement each other perfectly in terms of product development. Findings from both areas flow into all products of the Franconian company. From sports goggles to ski goggles, from bicycle helmets to ski helmets - with UVEX you also drive safer.


  • Foundation Year: 1926
  • Company Founder: Philipp M. Winter
  • Company Headquarters: Fuerth
  • Number Of Employees: 2,700
  • Annual Turnover: about 400 million euros
  • Website: uvex-sports.com
  • Sports: Winter Sports, Bike


  • Technology: The development of our own safety standards laid the foundation for the success of UVEX.
  • Professional Input: UVEX equips countless professionals with equipment and uses their expertise for further innovations.
  • Fairness: UVEX produces predominantly in Germany - about 70 percent of the employees are employed here.


At Keller Sports, we not only make sure that you can practice your favourite sport, whether summer or winter and whether indoor or outdoor, as stylishly as possible. We also do everything for your safety! Therefore the safety-relevant products of UVEX must not be missing in our shop. From sports and sunglasses with an urban style factor, to ski goggles and helmets, to bicycle helmets, for which UVEX is the market leader in Germany anyway. We have all this from UVEX in our shop, which increases your safety without compromising your comfort.


Over the decades, UVEX has steadily expanded its product portfolio and has repeatedly attracted attention with groundbreaking innovations. Be it the Octo system for the perfect fit of a ski helmet or the UVEX variotronic technology, in which the sports glasses change their tint at the touch of a button thanks to LCD technology. UVEX is always at the pulse of time. For skiers with glasses, the company has now also specialised in ski helmets with visir and thus set a new trend. Not only does the UVEX variomatic® coating automatically adjust the visor lens to the light conditions, but UVEX uniquely combines stylish appearance with highly functional properties and an anatomical fit.


Felix Neureuther, Natalie Geisenberger, Dominik Paris, Eric Frenzel and Vicky Rebensburg are just a few of the top athletes who UVEX equips for their title hunts. In addition, such successful professionals are also involved in product development. They test the UVEX products at their limits and then improve them with the company's engineers. It goes without saying that UVEX produces special products for some sports, such as tobogganing, which are not suitable for the masses. But only the names of those and the sheer number of athletes who trust UVEX products speak for themselves. Today, the traditional brand researches and works at all levels so that amateur athletes on the road and on the piste are also equipped to the highest safety standards.



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