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Not only is TomTom a worldwide provider of car sat nav systems and fleet management solutions, but the brand also offers athletes all kinds of high-tech gadgets. Their GPS sports watches give you all of the performance data at a glance that might be of use to swimmers, golfers and runners, to name just a few. TomTom want you to be able to find your way when out jogging and cycling. Their smartwatches reliably lead you to your destination.

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From start-up to global player for navigation

As the starting shot was heard for TomTom in 1991, nobody had any just how successful this Dutch company would become. Today TomTom is one of the leading international manufacturers of navigation systems and running watches with GPS. Over 4700 employees work tirelessly to further develop their sports watches and other products. Time and again they bring new innovations to the market. What started with software development for personal digital assistants and B2B mobile applications, has grown and matured to become an extensive product portfolio.

How TomTom revolutionised sports training

It didn't take long until the first TomTom sports watches captured the market in 2013. Contrary to many of the devices available at the time, athletes no longer needed an uncomfortable chest strap to monitor their training. The use of a smartphone was also suddenly superfluous. Annoying cables were a thing of the past too. The watch is worn comfortably on your wrist. Such a sports watch with GPS is easy to use when on the move.

What TomTom GPS sports watches can do

A TomTom watch can do so much more than just get you quickly and reliably to your destination. The TomTom watches available in our online shop inform you of your calorie consumption when training, as well as your speed and your stats. Their running watches are equipped with a built-in heart rate monitor and lift your mood with music during your outdoor activities. The advanced training modes enable you to individually adapt the settings to your training programme and so step by step get closer to reaching your goals. Increase your fitness level and use the interval training setting to improve your stamina. More than 50 personalised workouts, specially tailored to you, will help you on your road to success.

TomTom sports watches for more effective training

These watches with GPS guarantee you a successful training session. They show you precisely what you need to work on. You receive a detailed performance analysis and the chance to monitor your training, recognise progress and optimise your activities. What's more, you will benefit from the special TomTom SPORTS APP, which is designed both for runners and golfers. The data is then not only available on your smartwatch but also on your tablet, mobile or PC.

Get to your destination with TomTom

A GPS sports watch from the worldwide renowned brand TomTom is a small luxury that you will benefit from in many ways as an ambitious athlete. The accessory considerably facilitates your training. Whether you're a cyclist, swimmer or runner - TomTom will help you make giant leaps towards your fitness goals.