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Why you need The North Face outdoor equipment

The hectic pace of everyday life makes it difficult to look inwards. The search for the self only really takes off with the help of the vastness and tranquillity of nature. When nothing else is affecting you, you are simply yourself - and that's how The North Face Outdoor wants it to stay. "Never Stop Being Yourself" is the brand's motto for your adventures, while at the same time ensuring that your equipment doesn't become a distraction. Instead, The North Face Outdoor equips you with everything you need for short, medium or long trips into nature.

Jackets. Rain and cold protection. Functional shirts. Practical bags and backpacks. Trousers. Jumpers. And the right shoes to go with it. The North Face Outdoor provides all your equipment and relies on its own experience: the brand was born out of a passion for outdoor excursions. It has grown with the help of the personal experiences of its founders and employees. That's why you don't get anything unnecessary.

Only exactly what you need. That's why The North Face develops outdoor apparel that adapts almost effortlessly to conditions in the mountains, the tropics or the desert. The North Face outdoor apparel gives you a waterproof, yet breathable membrane as well as a lighter, synthetic alternative to down or intensive protection against wind. Whatever you need, The North Face Outdoor already has the technology.

Advantages of The North Face Outdoor products

Technology. Knowhow. Versatility. The North Face Outdoor is involved in several dimensions of perfect equipment and is always out in nature itself to adapt its apparel even better to the most varied conditions:

Everything from a single source

If you choose The North Face Outdoor, your hoodie is built on top of your shirt and also serves as a base for your windbreaker or rain jacket. The matching backpack sits on top, while the trousers and shoes protect your legs and feet. Everything fits together. Visually too.

Cooperation with athletes

Theory and research are one thing, the direct know-how of some of the best is another. That's why The North Face Outdoor works closely with world-class athletes during the development of new technologies, who can pinpoint exactly what works in terms of equipment in the outdoors; and what does not. When their needs are met, you get the outdoor gear you're looking for.


Before you slip into your The North Face outdoor jacket or shirt, the material used has already experienced the extremes. The brand first tests new innovations on tough expeditions and thus exposes them to the absolute extreme. Since you will probably rarely reach that, you can be sure that your The North Face equipment will support you in every outdoor situation.

Collaboration with other experts

Sharing expertise creates new knowledge. That's why The North Face Outdoor collaborated with Primaloft on Themoball technology, for example, to create a lightweight, synthetic down alternative that keeps you warm even when it gets wet.


The brand is working hard to minimise its environmental footprint one step at a time. It already uses recycled fabrics whenever possible and aims to use only materials that have been 100 percent responsibly produced by 2025.

The right material for every condition

Breathability and quick drying in hot weather. Protection from water and wind. A layer against the cold. Whatever conditions await you on your trip, The North Face outdoor clothing provides the right material to protect you effectively.

Practical pockets

With small backpacks and large travel bags, the brand offers you just as much storage space as you need. Day trip. Long expedition. Your apparel is always well stowed. Thanks to smart compartments and functional fabrics that keep moisture out.

The myth

After decades in the outdoor business, The North Face Outdoor has long since arrived in streetwear. You can wear the company's jackets and sweatshirts during outdoor activities in the city. The logo, which is modelled on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, serves as a seal of quality in any environment.

The special features of The North Face Outdoor

The versatility of The North Face Outdoor products does not end with the range. In addition to different apparel, The North Face also offers you various high-tech ideas that make your outdoor trip much more pleasant - no matter where it takes you. With Ventrix, for example, they created an insulation technology that also regulates the body's temperature by adapting to its movements. This means you stay warm in the cold, but don't overheat if the climb is a bit more strenuous.

At the same time, the company works with GORE-TEX® to offer a particularly waterproof membrane. The down that The North Face Outdoor uses for its particularly warm jackets also complies with the Responsible Down Standard, which is intended to ensure that animals are not subjected to unnecessary torture. In addition, The North Face Outdoor offers jackets that you can pack so compactly that they take up hardly any space in your backpack or bag, but are ready to hand should it start to cool down or rain.

Popular The North Face Outdoor Series

With Vectiv, The North Face Outdoor offers you a sole system that provides optimal support for trail running and minimises the impact energy that affects joints, muscles and bones. Only after two years of testing, also with the support of top athletes, and countless hours in the laboratory was the top technology ready. Now it serves as the basis for The North Face Outdoors trail running shoes. A plate directly under the foot provides responsiveness, support and energy, while the Vectiv Rocker midsole actively pushes you forward and the outsole offers the necessary grip on off-road terrain. With Futurelight, The North Face also developed a waterproof membrane for the first time that also lets air through. This reduces the risk of sweating under your rain jacket, jumper or in your shoes.

The North Face Outdoor Shop at Keller Sports

Your trip really begins when you set off for the great outdoors. Long tours beforehand are not necessary. Because in the The North Face Outdoor Store at Keller Sports you have access to the brand's wide range. Online. The thick down jacket. The Futurelight-supported windbreaker. A highly functional daypack. Plus a pair of trail running shoes with Vectiv system. You can order everything online and have it delivered to your home. We regularly offer you attractive deals and offers on The North Face outdoor clothing and accessories.



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