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Marcel Hirscher's years in the Ski World Cup were characterized by material, as the Austrian honed his equipment down to the last detail. This gave him the decisive advantage at important moments. Want proof? Hirscher won the overall World Cup eight times, Olympic gold medals, World Championships. Always with him: perfectly tuned equipment. Lots of it. And Hirscher continues to do so even after his career, when he is now simply drawn to the mountains. "Buy something good once," he once told a magazine, "and you'll have it forever." To make that possible for more athletes, Hirscher teamed up with a team of founders. Together they launched The Mountain Studio. Joining them was Stefan Ekström, who has already led other premium brands to the summit of the outdoor and lifestyle world. The goal: a small collection with great value for every outdoor fan. In every situation. On the slopes. On the mountain. In the city. The Mountain Studio wants to give you that one jacket that you always have with you. That you never replace. That's what the brand has been tinkering with since its founding in the legendary Swiss ski resort of Zermatt. Always with Hirscher. Because first of all, he is almost always outside: "The more sour weather, the better," as he says himself. Above all, however, the skiing legend knows secondly how important material optimized down to the last detail is for successful days in the mountains.


An entire region as a test laboratory. From its base in Zermatt, The Mountain Studio is drawn to the entire Alpine world. The brand draws its ideas from practical experience. Because The Mountain Studio doesn't just rely on Hirscher's expertise. Diversity of perspective determines the development process. That's why the team is made up of different specialists, skiers, alpinists, photographers and designers - all of whom contribute their own personal experiences and ideas to product development. Know-how from the very first hand. The highest standards for the most extreme conditions. This is how outdoor wear is created that can withstand all the elements the mountains have to offer. Added to this is Hirschers penchant for perfectionism, the drive to adjust even seams and zippers until the temporary optimum is found.


Jackets: The Mountain Studio produces fleece jackets, hardshell jackets, down jackets and ski jackets. Pants: In the brand's range: ski pants (stretch and hardshell) and Primaloft ski touring pants Sweaters: In addition to ski sweaters, The Mountain Studio also produces ski turtlenecks and hoodies made of organic cotton. Accessories: Recently, the brand also has high-quality ski gloves in the assortment


It is better to work on the function longer than to risk too rapid wear. Better to subject the setup to more and more tests than to find out later that it is only suitable for the slopes. The Mountain Studio invests a lot in optimizing small details. The collection should remain manageable, but offer you exactly what you need: that one favorite piece of outdoor wear that is never satisfied with a single task. The brand speaks of "double duty". It simply means that its jackets are so perfectly formed that you can wear them not only during the day on the slopes. No, you can also slip them on again in the evening to make an impression in the city. This should also encourage you to buy less and consequently consume more sustainably. Of course, it's crucial that the brand's outdoor wear really meets all functional needs in the long term.


  • Foundation Year: 2021
  • Company Founder: Stefan Engström, Peter Blom, Marcel Hirscher
  • Company Headquarters: Zermatt (Canton Walis), Switzerland
  • Number Of Employees: < 10
  • Annual Turnover: -
  • Website: the-mountain-studio.com
  • Sports: Outdoor, Wintersports
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  • Environmental Protection: In addition to using sustainable materials, the company is striving to be "Net Zero" by 2025.
  • Professional Input: Marcel Hirscher, one of the best ski racers of all time, is part of the founding team. They are joined by other alpine professionals.
  • Durability: The Mountain Studio products are explicitly designed to accompany you as long as possible.


Only one season? Two at the most? Far too short for The Mountain Studio. Instead, the brand takes a long-term approach. It manufactures its jackets and outdoor clothing so that they accompany you into the great outdoors for as long as possible. To achieve this, The Mountain Studio focuses on the best possible fabrics, zippers and buttons. And if something does tear, there is a specially founded repair and touch-up department. Of course, longevity is only one side of the sustainability manual. Another is the origin and composition of the materials used. Whenever possible, The Mountain Studio uses organic cotton, Oeko-Tex® and bluesign® certified fabrics and recycled materials.


The idea of giving you the best possible outdoor wear to take with you into the great outdoors only works with the input of those who know what it takes. Marcel Hirscher is therefore only the beginning. In addition to the ski star, Oskar Enander, perhaps the world's best ski photographer, skier Anne Wangler and former Swedish World Cup racer and current freerider Mattias Hargin, among others, also provide important insights for the development of the company's products.



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