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The Tecnifibre assortment includes different product categories like strings, bags or rackets and much more. Thierry Massant founded the company in 1978 as Major Sports, which had among other things an outstanding concept for kids tennis rackets. The company Tecnifibre was developed out of an cooperation between an chemistry engineer,who evolved tennis strings, a french partner and Marjor Sports.Through the years the brand developed fast and become sponsor of Sebastian Gorsejean, Arnauf Clement or Fernando Verdasco.

Every product section disposes of high quality products, which convince with the newest technologies. The tennis bags are available in different sizes. They offer enough stowage to let you transport all your equipment to the court. The design is classic in the colors, red, yellow and black.

Tecnifibre tennis strings feature great elasticity. which is an advantage especially for the stringing service. The strings convince with power and touch and also score in the section comfort.

Also in our online shop are diverse tennis products available. You can filter them simple and fast with our Keller Sports Matching Engine. You can choose the price, the category or how often you want to play with your racket. If there are any questions left, feel free to contact our tennis advisers via phone, email or chat.