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For all of those who want to rock pistes all around the world, the name Tecnica means a lot. This Italian firm is one of the biggest producers of ski and freeride boots. An anatomical fit, the best materials and comfortable liners make Tecnica ski boots for men and women high-performance alpine footwear. In our online shop you will find a wide range of Tecnica's innovative ski boots for racing, touring or freeriding.

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20 Recommendations

brand: Tecnica

From the moon landing and popular winter boots

In 1930, Italian Oreste Zanatta set up a small cobbler's shop, where he made shoes by hand. His sons Ambrosiano and Giancarlo Zanatta took over their father's business in 1960 and converted it into a small manufacturing company in Montebelluna. That was the start of today's worldwide concern. Right from the very beginning the company known as Calzaturificio Tecnica Spa was associated with the mountains, as it produced work shoes for lumberjacks in the Dolomites. Inspired by the moon landing, in the year 1969 Tecnica launched their moon boots onto the market. Their similarity with the Apollo astronauts' boots, combined with warm, soft padding, soon helped the company to achieve worldwide success. This encouraged the company to focus its efforts entirely on the winter sports sector.

Innovations and revolutionisation leading to success

After moon boots, the Italians brought out another innovation: Tecnus was the name of the first plastic ski boot, which was bi-injected and revolutionised the market. In the 1980s, their TNT ski boots and the introduction of an outdoor footwear collection carried them further along the road to success. In the 1990s the Italian manufacturer began to take over competitors and companies that helped them to expand their scope of work. Tecnica blossomed into a big corporation and at the beginning of the millenium the company was already market leader in the après-ski boot sector and the third biggest manufacturer of ski boots. Today, alongside the original Tecnica brands, the names Moon Boot, Rollerblade, Blizzard, Lowa, Dolomite and Nordica also belong to the Italian concern.

By women for women - the Tecnica ski boot for women

Only women can really judge what other females might want from their ski boots. For this reason, the Italian company has engaged female designers to develop their Tecnica ski boots for women. As women very often and very quickly get cold feet, the women's versions are even warmer and snugger on the inside and some are even lined with merino wool. The outer shells are even better insulated. Their shape is designed to fit women's feet and the special cushioned sole and comfortable ankle padding add additional appeal.

A Tecnica ski boot for every kind of skier

The brand manufacturer uses materials that ensure greater performance. They enable optimum energy transfer from the foot via the liner and shell to the ski. Collaboration with successful professional athletes is demonstrated by the ultimate performance of Tecnica ski boots.
Custom Adaptive Shape, or CAS for short, is the name of the technology that the manufacturer uses to make their ski boots adapt to your feet. The liner, boot board and shell of Tecnica ski boots for men or women are anatomically shaped and individually adjustable. If necessary, Tecnica also offer additional customisation options. The perfect fit increases comfort and heat distribution to the max; as the boot fits snugly around your leg, the cold can't get in.

Whether you're touring, downhill skiing or freeriding, Tecnica ski boots for men and women are well-engineered and well thought out. Customisable to fit every foot and made from only the best materials, Tecnica ski boots are bound to impress you with their high performance and quality.


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