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Sweet Protection

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When skateboarding was still prohibited in Norway, a group of enthusiastic youths got together in a garage and put together their own skateboards using smuggled parts. In the year 2000, these sports-mad men founded the company Sweet Protection. The young entrepreneurs designed functional clothing for different outdoor sports and distinctive helmets for skiers and bikers - and so their success story began.

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47 Recommendations

brand: Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection helmets - high-tech protection for bikers and skiers

Sweet Protection helmets offer you the perfect blend of design and functionality. Thanks to their collaboration with renowned top athletes from different sporting disciplines, the company is able to continuously create innovative new products. In competitive sports, athletes place their trust in the Norwegian company's creations. Ståle Møller, Head of Design, has a clear goal: with the development of each new product, he wants to trump the previous one.

Unique helmets by Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection claim to make the best helmets in the world. To do this, the brand only uses selected raw materials such as pre-preg carbon fibre. This material is also used in fighter jets and racing cars. Their innovative helmets are made with filigree craftsmanship. They withstand even the harshest of conditions. The minimalistic, Nordic design gives the helmets an attractive appearance.

Bike helmets by Sweet Protection

These cycling helmets for men and women are very light and infused with advanced technology and know-how. Some Sweet Protection helmets are equipped with the Multi Directional Impact Protection System (MIPS). This innovative technology offers protection from the influence of rotational forces. In a fall the Impact Shields effectively absorb shock. So that you can freeride in safety. Helmets with carbon fibre offer you the necessary robustness. Thanks to the numerous vents you will be able to keep a cool head even on rides in hot weather.

Ski helmet technology

The ski helmets for women are real eyecatchers on the piste. Some models are specially designed for slalom racing and are equipped with a steel chin protector. Here too, premium impact protection technology offers optimum protection in a fall. Easy adjustment means that you can adjust the helmet to fit you perfectly. The ski helmets for men with a carbon outer shell and the In-Mold Impact Shield and EPS liner offer significant protection. This enables the helmet to optimally absorb shock in a crash or fall. The MIPS system provides additional protection. Ski helmets with TLC Shell Construction are made with injection-moulded thermoplastics, which provide elasticity. Stiffness is achieved with carbon fibre.

Fun on your bike and skis with Sweet Protection helmets

In a fall the G-force can be tremendous. A crash on hard concrete can be fatal. Helmets with innovative MIPS protection reduce the impact force by up to 50 per cent. Sweet Protection make their helmets with the best materials and the most advanced technologies.
The designers of Sweet Protection helmets all enjoy biking and skiing. But when making their products they all take their work very seriously so that you can have fun doing your sport! If top athletes trust in the safety of these helmets, you can too. Creativity and know-how are the secret to the success of the brand Sweet Protection. Discover their innovative products in the Keller Sports online shop and be inspired by the technology and Nordic design.


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