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Stöckli creators continually inspire us to love skiing, the snow and the mountains. At the ski factory in Malters, in the heart of Switzerland, only the best is good enough. Every ski goes through all production steps exclusively in-house - not a single process is done outside the walls of the brand factory. To achieve perfect turns, the brand combines innovative technologies with meticulous craftsmanship. Try out for yourself the highest rated premium skis in the racing and all-mountain categories for a perfect day out in the mountains. The product selection covers every possible need ambitious winter sports fans could ever have!

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Swiss precision for a unique riding feel

A peaceful little village called Malters, in the Canton of Lucerne, is where loving dedication, care and attention to detail are poured into every ski that is developed and manufactured to find a like-minded skier. Stöckli skis are handmade unique specimens. The company, which is now over 80 years old, endeavours to guarantee its customers the very best performance. This is why only first-class materials are selected for the job. Stöckli does not differentiate between standard skis and professional ones. The production process is the same for them all. Find your perfect model by checking out the Scale Alpha, Beta or Gamma from the all-mountain line. For ambitious skiers, why not try a race model from the Laser line?

From perfection in the making to magic on the slopes

A lot of very hard work goes into making a Stöckli ski. To ensure each ski delivers above-standard quality, tests are carried out on a new line prototypes. These tests really put the skis through their paces for the benefit of the end customers - first in the lab and then on the slopes. Test skiers check the racing and all-mountain skis in different snow and piste conditions. After that, the ski is fine-tuned to produce the final design. The most modern CAD programmes and CNC milling machines are used for this step of the production process.

Professional expertise meets technical know-how

Constant collaboration with top athletes, such as several times Olympic medallist Tina Maze or World Cup champion Victoria Rebensburg results in new ideas and designs for upcoming collections. Knowledge of the needs of athletes and flowing dialogue between the sports enthusiast developers and the winter sports pros is what makes Stöckli skis true high-end products. Everything the brand learns is poured straight into the production of ski series. This means that even beginners and non-professionals can be one step ahead with top-notch Stöckli skis.

The perfect turns thanks to optimal advice during your purchase

You will experience Stöckli quality even while buying your ski. We want to guarantee the best possible advice and recommendations for your high-end ski, which is why we will arrange a personal telephone appointment with you before you complete your Stöckli order. After that, you can test the ski for yourself. With this consultation, you can rest assured that the skis that have been so lovingly produced and with such Swiss precision are actually the right ones for you and fulfil all of your needs. Become part of a one-of-a-kind community and discover the world of Stöckli.