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Thanks to the ski, snowboard and bike eyewear from SMITH, you'll have perfect vision on the slopes, roads and glaring sunshine. Modern SMITH helmets to match these glasses and goggles are also available in the Keller Sports range. Innovative technology guarantees added comfort and safety.

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40 Recommendations


An idea that formed a business

The company story began back in 1965, when Dr Bob Smith from Sun Valley in the US state of Idaho created a pair of ski goggles using breathable foam and a sealed themal lens. The former ski bum and orthodontist wanted to do himself a service and increase the length of time on his ski runs. The discovery of these ski goggles led to the company SMITH being formed. More than 50 years later the company is one of the market leaders of helmets and goggles for skiers and cyclists. SMITH ski goggles and glasses for bikers are characterised by elegant style, dynamic technology and optimum performance.

Always improving, year after year

SMITH is an innovative company that loves developing new models and technology. Among the large number of product innovations is the first lens change system for snow goggles and sunglasses. The introduction of two ventilation systems allowed seamless integration of the protective goggles with the helmet. Another new addition was the use of anti-fog goggle technology. The largest environmentally-friendly goggle collection in the world is also a project of the SMITH brand. The polarised ChromaPop™ lens technology is scientifcally very advanced. Aerocore™ technology on the other hand offers a completely new ventilation concept while increasing the protective function of bike and ski helmets.

SMITH products put to the test by top athletes

The ski, bike and snowboard goggles were developed together with top athletes and put to the test. These include stars of the international mountain biking scene such as Aaron Gwin, Brett Rheeder and Jill Kintner. Also impressed by the quality of SMITH helmets and googles are the cyclists and triathletes Jodie Schwalbe, Trevor Wurtele, Callum Millward and many other athletes. Professional big mountain freeskier Mark Abma also belongs to this group as well as freeskiing professionals Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and Markus Eder.

Test the app now and join a new era of goggles with SMITH!

SMITH has brought some of the most modern eyewear to the market. These include sunglasses with Lowdown Focus frames. Sensors are integrated into the frames that measure brain activity and translates this into visual form on your laptop or smartphone. This allows you to analyse your mental performance in real time. You work through the cognitive training sessions in the SMITH Focus app. The Lowdown Focus Brain Sensing Eyewear™ is the first of its kind worldwide. With regular training using these glasses, cognitive skills such as concentration are significantly improved over time.

You too can enjoy the right insight with SMITH

SMITH sunglasses always guarantee optimum vision even in difficult lighting conditions such as snow spray on the piste or cycling into head-on sunlight. Keller Sports stocks men and women's glasses, ski and bike glasses as well as goggles in a variety of styles and designs. Be inspired by our wide range of products!


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