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The creation of Smartwool was the result of a simple wish. A group of ski instructors around Peter and Patty Duke from New England just wanted to stay longer on the slopes without getting cold feet. Of course there were already normal wool socks, but many outdoor-enthusiasts found them too hard, scratchy and uncomfortable. The solution was found during a discovery overseas: the wool from merino sheep from New Zealand and Australia.

This natural fibre, which is much finer than a human hair, showed overwhelming properties: Merino wool is extremely pleasant to wear, breathable and can absorb 30 percent of its own weight as water in the form of steam and release it to the outside - without the socks getting wet. Merino wool clothing does not stick to the body, is antistatic and absorbs less dust than synthetic fibres. In addition, the wool is odour-inhibiting and helps to regulate the body temperature. So it's no wonder that Smartwool (founded in 1994 in Steamboat Springs and since then based on the western foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado) chose merino wool. More than that, the brand was the first company in the world to produce all products from merino wool, revolutionizing outdoor sports.


The fact that Smartwool's socks are simply among the best on the market was confirmed by two "Editor's Choice Awards" from renowned outdoor magazines in the first two years after the company was founded. These marked the breakthrough for the then still young company, which was taken over by the Timberland Company in 2005. Since then, the Smartwool collection has grown steadily. Long since beside the often awarded socks also numerous performance garments are produced. The target group is all those who spend a lot of time outdoors and want to be warmly dressed. The range includes warm underwear, functional shirts, pyjamas, pullovers, gloves, browbands, outdoor jackets, fleece clothing, trousers, shorts and gaiters - all made of merino wool.


  • Founding year: 1994
  • Founders: Peter and Patty Duke
  • Company headquarters: Steamboat Springs, USA
  • Number of employees: over 100
  • Annual turnover: n.a.
  • Website: smartwool.com
  • Sports: Outdoor, Running, Winter Sports


  • Awards: Smartwool articles have already won numerous awards.
  • Longevity: New technologies enable Smartwool socks that last more than 1000 miles in use.
  • Environmental protection: Smartwool cooperates with New Zealand Merino Company for sustainable wool production


Merino wool is also available at Keller Sports: In our shop you will find a large selection of Smartwool products online. The PhD-Run series - consisting of running trousers, shirts and other Smartwool products - was developed for passionate runners. The extremely fine merino blend fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and dries particularly quickly. Additional mesh inserts also ensure optimum air circulation. This means that heat can escape better and that you benefit from the comfortable, cool wearing comfort during training. The integrated polyester fibres ensure increased durability and, thanks to the light stretch property, make all your movements with you.

Naturally we also have the legendary Outdoor Medium Crew Socks for men and women in our Smartwool Shop. Great fit, comfort and longevity are combined in one chic sock. An elastic insert also guarantees excellent support for the foot. The flat toes in combination with a special padding prevent pressure points and blistering. What more does the strained foot want? Among our Smartwool offers in the shop you will also find various baselayers for upper and lower layers, underwear and various shirts.


The great properties of Smartwool products are backed by numerous technological achievements. Because Smartwool has always attached great importance to the joy of innovation. For example, the PhD-Pro line alone has over two years of development work. The goal was to develop the most resistant socks ever. For this "Shred Shield" technology, the company worked with the Ultra-Runner Seth Swanson to test toe longevity under extreme conditions and continuously improve it. Small innovations ultimately ensured that Swanson could run over 1000 miles - in the same pair of socks. The technology is now found in all Smartwool Ultralight socks.


Despite the constant development of its products, Smartwool is trying to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible and continue to reduce it. To this end, the company has maintained a close partnership with the New Zealand Merino Company since 2010. This company provides the processed Merino wool and guarantees a careful and sustainable treatment of the environment, people and animals. This allows the wool to be traced back to its manufacturing plant. Smartwool can thus guarantee its customers that animal-tormenting practices are forbidden at the wool producers' premises. These include, for example, the otherwise common "mulesing", in which young Merino animals are cut out of the buttocks area to prevent a possible infestation by smoldering flies. A practice from which Smartwool expressly distances itself.



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