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Skins- the skin revolution

Skins are the top supplier for clothing that comes in contact with the skin. The manufacturer focuses entirely on the use of modern high-tech materials and provides maximum functionality for a variety of sports. With Skins you're in the first row when it comes to need-based clothing. Keller Sports presents to you the Skins online store where you can find clothes that fit like a second skin on your body. We hope you enjoy it.

Uncompromising success factor: The Skins compression technology

With the 400 series Skins compression technology has been developed and brought to the market. Skins have it all: Like no other clothing it provides the athlete with the dynamic gradient compression functionality which aids through various phases of exercise. The result directly reflects an altered body perception. Also, with this cutting-edge technology the supply of oxygen to the working muscle groups is actively increased during the movement phase. This was based on the extensive research results of the varying movements of the human body and known measurements of passivity. This also allows for the recovery phase after active load exercise. Much data has determined that compression technology allows for optimal freedom of movement and the prevention of injury. It also aids the blood circulation and increases oxygenation to reduce the buildup of lactic acid. This allows you to compete immediately with improved performance and it prevents the buildup of waste products. So the Skins Online Shop offers you two advantages: Firstly, you increase the intensity of your training and your competition. Secondly, you relax more quickly - and experienced athletes know that a decreased but effective recovery time is the alpha and omega of lasting success.

Warp Knit - The innovative material for Skins

The curtain rises on the trailblazer of fabric technologies! It's typical for Skins clothing to use a novel warp-knitted fabric called Warp Knit. It is woven from the same variety of high-quality yarns and therefore the excellent properties of functional underwear are guaranteed. It is mainly the spandex filaments on a higher level of elasticity which provide the very foundation to create your tailored body compression. At the same time Warp Knit keeps a stable shape and does not have a natural stretch factor, thereby the increasing pressure will subside. And even before tearing or laddering, there is the high- tech protective housing which keeps the Skin at maximum strength. This is where Skins scores a clear advantage with this advancement in the market of sports clothing and the form of strength is not only true for the situational use. Memory MX fabric is the stuff of which dreams are made of for all athletes! This material has a strong stretchable yarn made of elastomers. The effect: The clothing after each use always comes back to its original shape. You get a product that even after a long time feels like new.

In terms of size, the renowned brand has not held back and has put in a lot of work at research level. With a series of tests and the use of 3D scanners, Skins have been able to measure a completely new human body. As a result, 400 fit has been produced and is now present and available to you in the Skins online store at Keller Sports. The leg lengths are available in a larger variety due to the new bases in the men's segment of Skins and in the women's field there are much more body shapes available. For this enlarged portfolio Keller Sports likes to offer you the innovative products of Skins that you can find and use to maximize your exercise!

High-level advisory + High-tech operation = Keller Sports

The high functional clothing from Skins takes your muscular system into account, strengthens its alignment which helps to prevent any shift when performing active loading exercises. This represents an effective strategy to combat muscle soreness and avoiding performance in the future. You can find a team for all questions in the online store at Keller Sports. Our professionals will be available to answer all of your sport related questions and you can reach them using the contact details in our store for the Skins sportswear. We are happy to deal with your requests regarding the background of the individual product lines. We will be happy to discuss the material properties and take you through their benefits in relation to your exercise habits, plans or your future aims for competing in any competitions. Furthermore, the Keller Sports Product Matching Engine - KSPME ® - offers you a quick and easy way of accessing you're required products at the online shop, giving you a worry-free shopping experience at Keller Sports.