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The Swedish company SILVA develops innovative equipment for outdoor use. Their products are rigorously tried and tested in the harsh, changeable Scandinavian climate. Winters in the far north are dark and snowy and outdoor equipment needs to be correspondingly high-quality and robust. Keller Sports offer you a wide range of SILVA headlamps that will reliably show you the way when out jogging, cross-country skiing and biking.

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brand: Silva

From the first innovative compass to the LED headlamp

SILVA's story began in the year 1933. The name "SILVA" comes from Latin and means forest - an allusion to the terrain where the equipment produced by this brand was most widely used. At that time three brothers from Sweden, Arvid, Alvar and Björn Kjellström, invented the first liquid-filled compass. This was the first compass of its kind and it soon progressed to achieve global standards in navigation. Just two years later, the entrepreneurs presented their first headlamp as wearable outdoor equipment. Today, modern SILVA headlamps are fitted with a bright LED light that can be conveniently charged with a USB charger.

The story continues - a new success year in, year out!

Even early on SILVA made it a habit to surprise their customers with new achievements. In 1939 the first liquid-damped baseplate compass was launched. 1971 saw Björn Kjellström co-found the United States Orienteering Federation. Ten years later, SILVA presented a marine electronic navigation instrument. 1992 celebrated the world première of the handheld GPS with digital compass. Since 2015, all headlamps for jogging, cycling and cross-country skiing feature their modern Flow Light technology. Running Magazine's "Best in Test" awarded the SILVA model Trail Runner first prize. In 2016 the developers from the Swedish firm turned their attention back to the good old compass. SILVA brought the first global compass onto the market. In 2017 the company won an award for supporting the renowned skiing event Nattvasan. SILVA received the Swedish marketing award and was named "Sponsor of the Year" just before the arrival of 2018 when the brand proudly looks back at 85 years of history.

Lamp technology that also appeals to the jury

SILVA headlamps are very high-quality and highly suitable for outdoor use. The company has received numerous awards for their innovative creations and attractive designs. After they started to equip their headlamps with Intelligent Light Technology in 2008, the very next year SILVA won the OutDoor Industry Award for their Trail Runner model. 2010 was also a highly successful year. Once again, the innovative company won the OutDoor Industry Award, but this time for the SILVA Ninox headlamp. In the same year, the model SILVA Cross Trail clinched the ISPO Award. It was the qualities of the SILVA Tyto Visibility headlamp that won the jury of the OutDoor Industry Award over in 2011.

Safely on your way with SILVA LED headlamps

Lightweight SILVA headlamps are a reliable companion in the dark. With a powerful battery and light output they reliably light your way even when you're out and about for several hours. At the same time these headlamps are really lightweight and comfortable, meaning that you can hardly tell they're there when skiing, cycling or running. You can decide whether you prefer a model with a long-range light, wide floodlight or a combination of the two when you place your order with Keller Sports.