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brand: Signum Pro

Tennis strings from Signum Pro - brand quality on court

For advanced tennis players, it is essential to get your racket re-strung regularly in order to constantly benefit from power and precision. The brand Signum Pro counts as one of the most well-known manufacturers of tennis strings worldwide - you can discover various offers on their products here with Keller Sports and you can easily buy them online too!

Boost your success on court with strings from Signum Pro

Stringing a tennis racket can easily be done without much experience in the sport, although the type and quality has a massive influence on your performance. If the strings are too soft then that has a bad effect on the racket's power, while if the strings are too hard then they can break easily and you will need to restring your racket relatively often. Over the last few decades strings have further developed thanks to some notable manufacturers, and the brand Signum Pro has been a big part of this. Made from polyester and other synthetic materials, the strings will let you achieve higher speeds and more powerful shots in modern tennis.

Selection of tennis strings: An overview

Signum Pro offers strings in bulk; you can choose between standard rolls of 120m or 200m. They are available in different qualities, corresponding to the demands of tennis beginners as well as professionals in price and performance. Easily separated from the roll, after breaking your strings in training or a match, a good-fitting replacement can be made. Product series like Plasma Pure, Thunderstorm or Micronite are well thought of on the world tennis tour and will perform in training and in competition.

Order tennis strings easily online with Keller Sports

Whether for a casual match in your freetime or if you have higher amitions in tennis, the online shop of Keller Sports is the right place for you. Find strings from Signum Pro and other manufacturers in our shop, as well as rackets, clothing and other equipment for tennis and other sports. You can find further information on our selection of certain strings in this category, so that you can kit yourself out with equipment suited to your level and so that you can profit from some great prices by buying with us online.