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Why you need Scott bike helmets

Scott bike helmets have long been the essence of every freeride, every bike tour, every downhill. Not because they are necessary at all times. Rather, because they offer you protection exactly when something should happen. So you can be sure and enjoy your tours on the bike to the full. After all, Scott knows what matters when it comes to bike helmets. Perhaps as well as hardly any other brand. After all, they have already developed various innovations in their history that have brought the bike world a good deal further forward. Also in terms of protection. Today, Scott produces bicycle helmets for a wide range of disciplines. For the road bike as well as for the mountain bike. For cross country as well as for the way to work.

Of course, the brand also produces the right bike helmet for women, children and men. Technical innovations always form the basis: inner and outer shells that move independently of each other, for example. Or a fit system that helps you to optimally adjust your Scott bike helmet. In addition, there are aerodynamic cuts and eye-catching or discreet style elements. Everything so that you can find the right model for you in our Scott bike helmet store, not only technically but also visually. Especially as Scott equips its bike helmets with effective ventilation systems and practical reflectors. These significantly increase your visibility at dusk or in the dark. After all, safe is safe.

Advantages of Scott bike helmets

If theoretical protection has to prove itself in practice, it's no longer just about the hardness of the material. Scott cycle helmets for men and women therefore have innovative impact protection. In addition, there are other technical details that make them comfortable and safe to wear:

  • Effective impact protection: For its bike helmets, Scott relies on the so-called Inmold technology. Intense pressure and heat during the welding process ensure an inseparable bond between the inner and outer shells, with the former made of hard foam. On the one hand, this setup favours effective absorption of impact energy. On the other hand, it makes your Scott bike helmet robust. This in turn allows the brand to install practical ventilation openings without sacrificing stability.
  • Absorbing rotational forces: If a fall occurs, the forces usually do not only act on one side of the head. In order to be able to cushion rotational forces, Scott uses MIPS technology for the majority of its premium bike helmets. This is based on the fact that the outer and inner shells can move independently of each other despite being welded together, so that the helmet can absorb and dampen forces from different directions. This reduces the risk of serious injuries and concussions.
  • A perfect fit: Of course, your cycle helmet must not slip around when you are out and about. Since head shapes are different and it is therefore difficult to make a model that fits everyone, Scott uses the RAS-fit system. By means of a wheel at the back, you can tighten or loosen a plastic ring inside your bike helmet and adjust it to your head shape.
  • Design: Style issues have accompanied the bicycle helmet since its introduction. That's why Scott combines aerodynamic, elegant shapes with simple colour combinations for its models. In our Scott bike helmet shop, you can get matte, monochrome bike helmets as well as variants with neon-coloured accents.
  • Sustainability: With its Re-Source by Scott programme, the brand wants to improve its impact on the environment and society. One aspect: always looking for new technologies and materials that enable more sustainable products. Recycled and renewable materials play a central role in Scott helmets.

Special features of Scott cycle helmets

Road. Trail. Allround. Scott's bike helmets are either geared exactly to their area of use or give you the choice. In this way, the brand always offers you exactly the protection tool that suits you best. For this purpose, Scott focuses on reduced weight for its bike helmets, without neglecting stability and protection. The MIPS system is almost always standard. In addition, you get adjustable straps with which you can adapt your Scott bike helmet to your head in no time in combination with the RAS-fit technology.

Then you fix everything in place with a click fastener. Since Scott has long since gained experience not only on the bike, but also on the motorbike and develops innovative protective eyewear solutions, the brand also produces bike helmets with removable visors. Of course, these are especially suitable for the trail. In addition, you will find hybrid helmets with removable inlays that allow you to wear your Scott helmet both on the bike and on the ski slopes.

Popular bike helmet series from Scott

If you like to do kilometres on the road, roll up and down serpentines on your road bike, Scott's ARX Plus series, for example, is suitable. With this series, you get a lightweight bike helmet that is aerodynamically cut and effectively ventilated at the same time. The MIPS system provides the necessary protection, while you also benefit from a removable visor. You also get this with Fuga Plus bike helmets from Scott online at Keller Sports. They are suitable for both road and mountain bikes and allow for a comfortable fit thanks to the Halo 3D Fit System. MIPS Brain Protection is also standard. For the trail, for example, you can wear a Scott Vivo helmet with MRAS-fit system and enlarged protection area.

Scott bike helmet shop at Keller Sports

Ordering from the Scott bike helmet shop at Keller Sports is easy: measure your head circumference and then order your bike helmet online. Of course, you can also filter out your personal Scott premium bike helmet thanks to our search mask and other parameters. In the online shop you can get Scott bike helmets for road bikes and mountain bikes and in different colours. Of course, Scott bike helmets are available for men, women and children. For example, you can choose between ARX Plus, Fuga and Vivo and find the right Scott bike helmet for your needs. And thanks to our regular sale offers and in combination with our premium discount, you'll often find them much cheaper than expected.



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