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The history of the Salomon Speedcross

With the Salomon Speedcross, the brand initially only wanted to fill a niche. Outstanding traction on wet and muddy surfaces. With this idea in mind, Salomon presented the first Speedcross in 2006 and did not expect the greatest demand. At the time, sales of around 1,000 models were expected. Today, around 1 million runners lace up a new Speedcross every year - and no one has been talking about smaller niches to be filled for a long time. Also because Salomon placed its Speedcross cleverly.

Kilian Jornet, for example, won the Ultra Trail du Mt. Blanc in 2008. His shoe in France - and during all his other races at the time: the Salomon Speedcross 2. And Jornet was not alone. Over the years, Salomon equipped some of the best trail runners on the planet with his shoe and continued to develop it. The brand gave its Speedcross evolutions more stability, new technologies and innovations, as well as colourful colourways. The shoe even made the odd lifestyle appearance and today, in its 5th generation, is one of Salomon's most successful silhouettes.

Grip and hold on slippery surfaces: the Salomon Speedcross

The most striking feature of every Salomon Speedcross - apart from the brightly coloured uppers - is its sole. It has an aggressive pattern with deep grooves that give you enough traction even on deep mud. This allows you to move forward as quickly as possible during trail running without slipping. The upper is durable, yet comfortable, waterproof and breathable. In some models, this is even reinforced by a GORE-TEX® membrane. The heel construction of the Salomon Speedcross is also crucial.

It provides support without squeezing and therefore allows you a stable stride. A decisive factor, especially on the trail. Especially as the Salomon Speedcross efficiently protects the foot with material reinforcements, even on rougher trails. Salomon also provides different setups. For example, different rubber compounds for the sole, which tailor the Speedcross to harder or softer surfaces. In addition, there is balanced cushioning that reduces stress on the joints.

Trail weapon full of innovations: The Salomon Speedcross

Support for the foot. A sole construction for maximum grip. Innovative lacing systems. Salomon traditionally packs the Speecross full of technologies that actively support your trail run and make it more enjoyable at the end:

  • Contragrip® sole: Deep lugs with sharp edges dig into mud, soft ground and scree. They give you more control over your footing and offer you intensive grip in every direction. In addition, there is a rubber compound that adheres to the ground even in wet conditions, but at the same time does not wear out too quickly. With its Contragrip® technology, the Salomon Speedcross is the perfect partner for your trail run.
  • EnergyCell midsole: Grip and adhesion are one thing. At the same time, your joints should not be exposed to the impacts and stresses of a trail run without protection. If the midsole uses the energy of your footfall not only for cushioning but also to return it to you immediately and accelerate your stride, it's a perfect fit for the terrain.
  • Comfortable, secure hold thanks to SensiFit and Quicklace: The fit of the shoe is particularly important in off-road terrain. That's why all the elements of the Salomon Speedcross work together so that the shoe follows your foot's movements and offers support at the same time. With the help of the SensiFit construction, Salomon adapts the Speedcross to different ankles. And at the same time ensures the safety you need to run as fast as possible over stones, scree and roots.
  • Robust, finely meshed upper: Boulders and small stones are as much a part of the trail as the deep lugs are of the Speedcross sole. That's why Salomon uses its particularly fine-mesh Me:sh® fabric for the upper of the trail running shoe. This prevents small stones from suddenly pressing on the footbed. At the same time, the upper material is breathable, robust and keeps water away from the inside. You get additional protection with the Salomon Speedcross GTX, which has a GORE-TEX® membrane that increases water resistance.

Training and technical trails with the Salomon Speedcross.

The pursuit of ever new standards precludes compromise. The fact that some of the best trail runners on the planet, such as Philipp Reiter and Anna Frost in addition to Kilian Jornet, run various races in the Salomon Speedcross can therefore be taken as a seal of quality with a clear conscience. Especially since the shoe's setup is perfectly designed for your runs on technical trails and for training runs. There you will benefit from the mix of uncompromising grip, support and comfort. And you can order the Salomon Speedcross online at Keller Sports.

Salomon Speedcross - buy online at Keller Sports

Salomon's goal is to give you a shoe on the trail that allows you to fully focus on your own speed. The Speedcross provides support, grip and cushioning, you do the rest. With the support of the Salomon Speedcross Store at Keller Sports. In our online shop you can order different Salomon Speedcross models at home. The Speedcross GTX, the GORE-TEX® version. Colourful. Monochrome. The Salomon Speedcross for men and women. We offer you the full range - and also attractive sales offers for the Salomon Speedcross, which we will inform you about in our regular newsletter.



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