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Without this French company, the history of skiing would most certainly have taken a very different path. Rossignol invented the first skis and since the early 20th century they have been the icon for winter sports on the pistes. Today, the manufacturer is the market leader worldwide in the area of alpine skiing. Not without reason: quality, reliability and a quest for perfection still make their dashing sports equipment among the best in the world of skiing today.

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23 Recommendations


Rossignol Ski - A winter sports legend

The company's fame has been brought about above all by professional sport: athletes have won important victories on these French skis. The list of famous skiers who have opted for the brand with the mini rooster in the French national colours is long. The developers behind the scenes are also correspondingly ambitious. Not only professional athletes but also amateur skiers benefit from the fast, manoeuvrable and easy-to-handle skis and ski boots. Skis have long since been the brand's star product but Rossignol is also in the fast lane with their winter sports clothes range.

Rising to fame alongside famous names - Rossignol and the professionals

In 1907, Abel Rossignol made the first skis out of wood, marking the start of a new era for winter sports. 30 years later, the athlete Henri Oreillers was led to the first victory on the French skis. His win at the Olympic Games in 1948 not only made him famous worldwide, but his skis - Rossignol Olympic 41 - too. Over the years the team behind the brand developed some true celebrities in terms of ski models, such as the Radical Mutix, the first adjustable high performance ski. Today Rossignol's Hero Master range leads the league of French skis. Always putting quality and innovation first. Beginners too can find the perfect skis. The developers have made every effort to design skis to meet the demands of non-professionals.

Technical perfection - not just skis and snowboards

For a long time, Rossignol have been branching out from just alpine skis. The French company has also acknowledged the trend for snowboarding. With their years of experience they have come to produce excellent snowboards, both for top snowboarders and for the general public. In the meantime, Krypto Magtek has become the brand's most well-known board. Its success is down to its wide variety of applications. To ensure a perfect winter sports experience, the right ski boots and functional clothes are of course a must. Here too, the brand is aware of its pioneering role in terms of innovation and creativity and regularly sets new trends in the winter sports scene. Whether technically sophisticated ski bindings and boots or functional winter sports trousers and jackets: the brand insists on quality. In cold weather and snowy conditions, winter sports fans can see that not only the design is appealing, but also the workmanship.

Perfectly kitted out on the piste

Rossignol have learned from their own history: resting on your laurels won't help create legends! In recent years, the company has expanded its target market, transforming itself from a mere snow sports brand to a lifestyle brand for mountain sports as a whole. This means that in the Keller Sports range you will find accessories for your sport alongside their classic skis and ski boots. With their ski helmets and goggles you will be fully equipped and feel safe on the slopes. The innovative developments of these ski sports experts are also sure to bring more surprises in coming years!


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