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Reebok sports shoes guarantee stability and a high level of comfort. The soles provide good grip on both synthetic and asphalt surfaces. You can not only do gymnastics or strength training in Reebok sports shoes - the all-round sneakers also support you in running disciplines. The fitness shoes implement the latest state of the art in science and sports technology and meet all the demands of modern sports shoes. The special EVA midsole of the Reebok training shoes ensures optimal cushioning and reacts to individual demands. Reebok has also ensured strong support in the upper height, which finds a well-chosen combination of stability and lightness. Reebok sports shoes also use the latest technology in the selection of multi-layer upper materials. This gives you two plus points: On the one hand, you will enjoy the sports shoes for a long time because of the high-quality material. On the other hand, the material properties provide you with advantages during exercise. The moisture absorption of the breathable fabrics of Reebok fitness shoes supports your workout - and ensures an optimal training climate for your feet. A longer workout and an intensification of the individual exercises will help to noticeably improve your level of conduction. And this doesn't just apply to one sport: Indoor or outdoor, you'll always find the best support for all your activities with Reebok sports shoes.

Run as fast as an African springbok? Theoretically conceivable in sports shoes, but adult springboks can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h per hour - the fastest runner, on the other hand, reached a maximum of half that, namely about 45 km/h as top speed. Here, humans as bipeds simply have natural limits.


Reebok sports shoes also regularly set off a trend alarm on the streets of the big city. Sneakers and sports shoes have long since become part of the cityscape and complement every shoe wardrobe at home. Whether you prefer the sporty overall look or deliberately want to go for a style break with fitness shoes: Reebok sports shoes are always a true combination wonder and can be worn with everything. Reebok fitness shoes also convince with a great variety of colours. This enriches you in fashion matters and prepares you for all everyday situations: Wear Reebok fitness shoes as a matter of course on your way to university or to the trendy café. Take them to the office or to the cinema: with these trendsetters you will always cut a fine figure and be absolutely stylish. Likewise, there are no limits to age: whether young or old - Reebok sports shoes don't stop at the age barrier!


In the Reebok online shop at Keller Sports you will find our selection of favourite Reebok sports shoes - for both men and women. The training shoes are suitable for all performance levels - whether beginner, professional or competitor. In Reebok sports shoes, you'll be at your best during training.



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