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You'll find Reebok training clothes for men and women for training in the gym, in the park or for crossfit training. As a tough woman, you are well equipped for your fitness workout with tights, shorts, sports bras, shirts, tops and sweatshirts. You can also pick up the latest and most advanced Reebok training shoes for your fitness session. With the Reebok Flexagon 3.0, for example, you are well equipped if you value variety and speed in your workout. The shoe is lightweight and has flexible outsoles. With this sports shoe, there are no limits to your workout. Versatility, agility and high intensity training is also a must for the Reebok Sprint TR. The shoe for maximum speed is specifically designed for multidirectional movements and provides excellent support for giving everything in sports.

We also have a lot to offer strong men from Reebok for crossfit and training. With sports shorts and shirts, as well as the best Reebok shoes for your training session, you'll get the most out of your workout. You won't be better equipped for your WOD than with the new Reebok Nano 9. The Crossfit shoe is specifically designed to test your physical limits during exercise. You can expect more durability in the toe area, more freedom of movement and an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole.


Three-time Reebok CrossFit Games Affiliate Cup Champion Adrian Conway is enthusiastic about the shoe's suitability for his favourite sport. He particularly emphasises the high flexibility of the Crossfit shoe, which adapts incredibly well to the foot in every movement. Jumping exercises, lunges and quick changes of direction - the Reebok Nano 9 responds to every movement. It helps the athlete to perform to the best of their ability. Conway is also enthusiastic about the fact that the shoe is not only great for sports, but also for leisure. Get the latest Reebok CrossFit Nano, test your limits and grow beyond yourself.


With Reebok, you don't have to sacrifice when it comes to exercise. The brand's mission is to inspire you to live a stronger life. That's what the fitness brand stands for:

  • Reebok makes a difference: Reebok wants to challenge you, make you stronger and inspire you to live an active lifestyle. For the brand, a fit lifestyle leads to a better life and that's what Reebok wants you to do. The brand's positive influence sets it apart from others and is exactly what makes the difference.
  • Reebok promotes a deep connection: together we are better. Under this motto, Reebok appeals for people to share their passion and thus push each other forward. In a group, you are stronger, you go beyond your limits, you jump over your shadow. You can do what you never dreamed possible on your own. You are only your best self when you challenge yourself in a group. Not only in sport, but also in life.
  • Reebok expands your horizons: it's not in your gym, your box or your own home that you get the most out of yourself. Fitness is everywhere you are. The world offers you an incredible amount of possibilities, Reebok encourages thinking outside the box. The fitness brand wants to encourage your creativity and your connection with nature. There are no limits. Grow beyond yourself and your horizons, discover new sides and make the gym uniquely yours.
  • Reebok appeals for the appreciation of your body: you only have this one life and you alone are responsible for shaping it. Learn to appreciate your body and get the best out of it. Your body is your reflection. For Reebok, strength is the key to realising your full potential. It not only shapes you on the outside, it also strengthens you on the inside.


Reebok Fitness also offers you a definite style plus. T-shirts with a slim cut or relaxed pullovers with hoods also cut a good figure in your free time. The Reebok Fitness sneaker range is an indispensable part of today's urban look. The shoes have a light sole and upper material. And with their minimal dead weight, the combination wonders also bring a very large portion of casual chic to your style. Add to that a colour palette that always catches the eye. The top brand Reebok has colours on offer that fully correspond to the sporty lifestyle in today's big city.



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