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What are the benefits of Puma Training?

Puma Training generates innovative equipment for a time-tested and still popular form of exercise: Health-oriented strength training, after all, dates back to ancient times. Nowadays it is called fitness and the positive effects on body and mind have long been evidence-based and proven by sports science. Fitness training therefore enjoys enormous popularity and has meanwhile developed into a market of its own. Not least because top manufacturers like Puma are constantly working to make their training products even better, even higher quality.

The days of sweaty, heavy cotton products are over. Today's motto is: lighter, more comfortable, healthier. And so breathability and freedom of movement dominate Puma Training outerwear. The DryCELL technology developed by Puma is used in the shirts, jackets and trousers, which contributes to moisture regulation and effectively transports sweat away from the body to provide a comfortable feeling. The best possible cushioning and stability are also found in Puma training shoes.

What distinguishes training shoes from Puma Training?

Puma Training provides you with a huge range of training shoes that are perfectly tailored to the needs of all fitness fans. Whether it's for the gym, the Freeletics spot or your next run - Puma Training shoes impress with their enormous flexibility and wide selection. Some of the models offered in our Puma Training Shop feature the so-called LQDCELL technology, a stable cushioning system with fluid-filled CELL Hexagons. This high-tech innovation ensures an outstanding feel and maximum stability for your training.

The HYBRID models are equipped with a dual IGNITE and NRGY Foam midsole, which makes the training shoe a real lightweight. Ultimately, your choice depends on your preferences: Do you prefer neutral cushioning or do you go for the highest level of stability during training? The large selection of Puma training shoes leaves nothing to be desired and covers all needs with different materials, soles and cushioning. But all models have one thing in common: Outstanding quality and extreme durability.

Puma Training clothing is tailored to fitness fans

In the Puma Training Store at Keller Sports you will not only find the right shoes for your training. Puma Training offers you the complete equipment for your fitness passion. In order to make your training as comfortable as possible, the Franconians have made it their mission to only work with state-of-the-art materials. The focus is on the innovative DryCELL technology, which is used in many premium products such as shirts, trousers, tights and jackets. DryCELL ensures maximum sweat wicking and thus an optimal body temperature. The sweat produced during exercise is wicked away from the skin and can dry more easily on the surface, which means that you don't have to train cold or with an uncomfortable feeling on the skin.

Puma also sets new standards in terms of sustainability. For example, many products use recycled polyester obtained from bottle collection campaigns in structurally weak areas. However, Puma is not only aware of its responsibility for the environment, but also attaches great importance to quality in the production of its clothing. Always with the aim of making its customers perform at their best - in all weathers. You don't want to let wind and rain stop you from training? Then Puma offers the perfect accompaniment with its jackets. Thanks to the ultra-breathable WindCELL material, you are also equipped for the most adverse conditions and for every season.

The technology protects you from cold wind, but at the same time wicks moisture from the body to the outside. Of course, Puma training products are also stylish. Training jackets, trousers and shirts come in designs that always reflect the spirit of the times. Classic colour combinations or striking neon colours, simple designs or sophisticated patterns - at Keller Sports you can find all Puma Training styles online. Fitness-enthusiastic men and women are sure to find their favourite piece.

Puma Training products at a glance

  • Puma training shoes are available in a wide variety of models. You will find shoes for every type of training and the best possible performance. Highly functional materials and various technologies such as LQDCELL or IGNITE combine optimal wearing comfort with exciting styles.
  • Puma training shirts and tops for men and women generate breathability and maximum freedom of movement during fitness training and thus prevent you from being slowed down in your training. The DryCELL technology used supports moisture regulation on the body and draws perspiration away from the body.
  • Puma training trousers and tights are also designed so that you are not restricted in your training. Thanks to elastic waistbands and DryCELL technology, you can fully concentrate on your fitness programme.
  • A Puma sports bra offers you maximum support for high-impact workouts and provides additional support. The soft straps sit lightly on the shoulders, the fastenings are flexibly adjustable and ensure unrestricted freedom of movement.
  • Puma training jackets also accompany you in bad weather or cooler temperatures. WindCELL materials protect you from wind and cold and wick moisture away from your skin to the outside.
  • Puma training bags ensure that you can store all this training equipment comfortably. With ample capacity and separate side pockets, they'll help you stay organised and get from A to B with your gear in comfort. Gym or yoga mats can also be attached to elastic straps.

Puma Training Shop: The complete fitness equipment

In our Puma Training Store you have the opportunity to dress from head to toe for your next fitness session. You'll find a wide range of Puma training shoes, training clothes and accessories such as training bags for men and women in many different styles and colours. Whether you choose the Reactive range or The First Mile series from Puma Training, the winning technologies and highly functional materials of the successful brand are always at the start. In the Puma Training Store you can order the entire Puma Fitness range online and just a few days later you'll be training in your new fitness outfit. In addition, there are many great discount offers and special bonuses waiting for you: You can always combine these offers with our premium discount in the case of Puma Training articles.



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