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Powerbar aids the ambitions of athletes in all disciplines. Experienced athletes know that high-quality equipment and intensive training are only one side of the coin. The other side is formed by a diet that is in alignment with your specifications in sport and covers your energy needs alongside your normal meals of the day. Whether pre-workout at the gym, during your performance on the tennis court or training - the sports nutrition Powerbar helps to optimize your efforts in all areas. There is a rich product range of specialist supplements that covers your respective performance level in areas such as endurance, strength and muscle building. In addition, you can use the supplements of Powerbar for your recovery times which allow you to train again with the same intensity after a shorter recovery time. The nutrient-rich supplements in Powerbar support you in training and recovery with exceptional time management. Well-known and illustrious names from the world of professional sport, such as the Turner Hambüchen triathlete Andreas Raelert, endorse quality products that form an indispensable part of everyday training. Now come a step closer to your goals and perfect your performance with the rich nutrients from the online store at Keller Sports!


The Powerbar Natural Energy Series is equipped with an extra dose of magnesium to support your energy and metabolism. Improved formulations from Powerbar are now in our online store and they also contain a lower fat content. In combination with fruits such as cherries, apples or cranberries, the manufacturer has taken into account a good appetite. Compact gel from Powerbar is made for use during the loading phase. It is important to pay attention to the amount of carbohydrates. Depending on the intensity of your workouts you should fuel your body with about 90 grams of carbohydrates. For this reason, the small bag has a precise dose that you can buy low cost in our shop. You can use Powerbar at the gym, the sports field or on the Court. The gel from Powerbar is enriched with sodium to cater for your electrolytes intake. The nuts and bolts for your muscle building in any sport are the powder shakes. The product series Protein Plus 80% from Powerbar is perfect for after a workout and a measured amount should be taken before bedtime. This is because during your sleep the whey protein will be metabolized four several hours. The protein shakes help you reach an ideal regeneration phase and result in increased strength and muscle building. It is also easy to use: The powder from the Powerbar online store at Keller Sports offers good solubility with a variety of different flavours and does not include collagen protein, dyes or aspartame.


We act as consultants at your side when you undergo a multi-week training plan with Powerbar and we want your training in collaboration with the Powerbar online shop to be a success story. So, we have set up an extra team for you. In our team we have an open ear for all your concerns and we want to help you to buy the correct Powerbar products for your needs. That is why we try to balance the different products of the fitness nutrition with your training goals and help with your diet plan in order for you to create maximum gains. We advise you on our competitive prices and we want to help you become more comfortable in sport and your stay here at our shop. By the way there is also the KSPME ®. This is the Keller Sports Product Matching Engine which rounds off our service for you. With the search menu and just a few clicks you can find Powerbar and specific filter settings for the supplements of your choice.