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POC ski helmets: maximum protection and elegant look

POC ski helmets effectively protect against head injuries and are also real style icons. Those who indulge in the wonderful winter sport have finally realised that "safety first" doesn't just have to come across as a boring guideline. The epitome of protection, POC ski helmets are now essential for your adventures in the mountains. Founded in 2004 by Stefan Ytterborn in Sweden, POC has developed into a real institution in the protection sector over the past few years. In the meantime, the Scandinavians offer a wide range of protective clothing.

However, their roots really lie in the production of snowboard and ski helmets. The expertise and attention to detail are noticeable in every single product. With POC ski helmets, available online at Keller Sports, maximum protection is of course the main focus. However, they also know how to please with an elegant, timeless look. The technological influences and the dynamic styles that the Swedes have established in their premium ski helmets have even brought the company several awards in the recent past.

What are the advantages of POC ski helmets?

All models in our POC ski helmet shop are brimming with sophisticated technologies. After all, the company has its own development laboratory and is always researching innovations to make its products even safer. The Swedes strive to meet even the highest demands - and to provide the perfect helmet for every type of skier and snowboarder. The result: the best possible ventilation for the head, plus clean and cool designs. Of course, maximum absorption of the forces acting in the event of a fall and simple adjustment systems are obligatory. These guarantee an optimal and comfortable fit of the ski helmet.

POC ski helmets also excel in terms of weight compared to standard helmets: this is where the use of aramid fibres comes into play, which in combination with foam ensure a low weight and stability at the same time. Aramid fibres are particularly tough, the tear length is about ten times that of steel. They are also characterised by an enormously high heat resistance. The aramid-reinforced bridge used in POC ski helmets distributes the impact energy over the entire helmet area. A circumstance that gives the helmets better energy absorption, which is crucial in the event of a fall.

What specifically distinguishes POC ski helmets?

Scandinavian design is characterised by simplicity and generally comes across as minimalist and chic. What applies to Nordic furniture can also be projected onto helmets in the case of POC. At first glance, POC ski helmets look sleek and straightforward. They usually come in fresh colours, which you can choose from matt or glossy. But more than that, they combine several useful features that make your long day in the snow comfortable and safe. First of all, however, let's take a look at the materials used.

The aramid fibres in the POV ski helmets have already been mentioned. In addition, the outer shells of the ski helmets from POC are made of ABS, a particularly robust type of plastic that provides extra protection in case of falls and impacts. The ABS layer encloses a core made of so-called EPS or polystyrene, which is responsible for the low weight. POC ski helmets for men and women are also extra padded at the most important parts of the head. Several models from our POC ski helmet range also have removable ear pads and ski goggle clips. Integrated openings on the front of the ski helmet prevent ski goggles from fogging up.

Adjustable ventilation openings ensure maximum comfort and contribute to optimal temperature regulation. So you see: POC has the necessary expertise when it comes to good ventilation. You don't have to worry about the fit either: The size adjustment system is extremely easy to use. So you can adjust your POC ski helmet exactly to your head shape.

POC ski helmets: even more protection thanks to SPIN technology

As we have already explained, safety is the top priority for POC ski helmets. Of course, after all, the Swedes design products whose main task is to protect you as best as possible in case of a fall. After years of research, POC established its long-patented SPIN technology. The focus here was on the inside of the helmet. The SPIN pads are designed so that the rotational forces that occur during a fall are not transferred to the head. Instead, they are dissipated by movements between the helmet and the head. The energy impact on the brain is thus significantly minimised even in the event of an oblique impact.

POC ski helmets at Keller Sports

With our POC ski helmet shop you are on the safe side if you are looking for a particularly robust and stylish ski helmet. Here you will find a wide range of safe POC ski helmets for men and women in all colours, sizes and designs. After all, POC is an absolute premium address when it comes to head protection. The Swedes, who have long been one of the most established helmet manufacturers in the world, combine safety with a timeless design.

This will significantly enhance your next adventure on the slopes and - even more importantly - make it much safer. In the POC ski helmet store at Keller Sports, you can order your personal POC ski helmet online with just a few clicks. Benefit from our regular POC ski helmet offers, which you can easily combine with our premium discount. Are you convinced and don't want to miss out on any future promotions from Keller Sports? Then simply subscribe to our newsletter and you will never miss a POC offer again.



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