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POC bike helmets: safety and appealing design in combination

Founded in Sweden in 2005, the company POC, which initially focused on the production of ski helmets, has made a name for itself worldwide as a manufacturer of protective equipment in recent years. It's no wonder that POC cycling helmets are now also extremely popular: the Scandinavians combine functionality and quality with an appealing design. And they noticeably let their expertise in the safety sector flow into their products. Thanks to an in-house development laboratory, POC bike helmets are always at the cutting edge of technology and continually impress with innovations.

Despite the focus on providing the best possible protection for bikers' heads, POC also strives for a stylish look. POC bases the design of its bike helmets on ski helmets. This gives POC bike helmets a very special, dynamic look. The mixture of maximum protection and exciting design has already brought POC various awards. Among them, the prestigious Eurobike Award - a real seal of quality in the bike industry.

What are the advantages of POC bike helmets?

POC bike helmets benefit from the premium claim of their manufacturer: The brand always gets the maximum out of it to design the right helmet for every bike discipline. The Swedes succeed so extraordinarily well because they adapt exactly to the demands of every type of biker. POC cycling helmets for road cyclists or racing cyclists are characterised above all by their intelligent ventilation system. In addition, they shine as lightweights - of course, they never neglect the safety factor. The numerous mountain bike helmets by POC, which were developed for aggressive trail and enduro biking, guarantee an extremely high level of protection, just like all POC bike helmet models. All materials and features are perfectly coordinated, so that POC bike helmets, which can be found online at Keller Sports, also outshine conventional helmets in terms of wearing comfort.

What distinguishes POC bike helmets?

POC bike helmets are made of high-quality materials and meet even the highest demands of professional cyclists. Due to constant research and the associated striving for improvement, the Swedes have perfected their products more and more over time. Many POC bike helmets in the mountain bike sector are based on a special system, the so-called aramid bridge system. By using resistant aramid bridges in the helmet core and POC's patented SPIN technology, a silicone-like membrane inside the pads, the impact forces are distributed over a larger surface. The energy that acts on the brain during a fall is significantly reduced. Another proven technology of many POC bike helmets is the MIPS technology. The MIPS Brain Protection System is a low-friction layer between head and helmet.

This directs the rotational forces triggered during an impact away from the brain. The popular and award-winning Octal model, which is mainly used in road cycling, is made of a one-piece shell and guarantees additional protection with extensions at the temples and at the back of the head. In addition, the EPS insert has been reinforced in particularly sensitive areas. All POC bike helmets convince with a comfortable and individually adjustable fit, which is generated via ergonomic straps and goggle clips at the back of the head. Another top feature for cyclists who like to ride on remote trails: The NFC Medical ID chip, which is processed in the Ventral Air SPIN mountain bike helmet, for example. In the event of an accident, rescue workers can read the NFC chip and immediately receive all relevant information necessary for treatment on site. All they need is an NFC-enabled smartphone.

POC bike helmets defy even the most adverse conditions.

When it's raining, storming or snowing, do you really get excited about biking? Even the cold, dark season can't keep you away from your bike? Then a POC bike helmet is the right companion for you! Especially the Ventral Tempus SPIN, which you can also find in the POC bike helmet shop at Keller Sports, is built to withstand even the most adverse conditions: With this premium bike helmet, you are not only protected from falls, but also from strong wind and precipitation. The special highlight: The helmet comes in striking orange and has additional reflectors so that you can be seen much better in the dark.

POC cycling helmets at a glance

  • POC road bike helmets: safety first, lightness, ventilation and aerodynamics second. POC road bike helmets combine the most important aspects that matter for fast-paced road riding. The special design ensures pleasant ventilation so that you can concentrate on yourself and your speed.
  • POC mountain bike helmets: For those who consider muddy forest floors and slippery roots as Eldorado, POC offers a range of robust and durable mountain bike helmets. SPIN pads ensure that energy is significantly reduced in the event of an impact. The unibody construction and establishment of the aramid bridge system ensure a particularly high level of protection in POC mountain bike helmets.

The POC bike helmet shop at Keller Sports

The POC bike helmet store at Keller Sports is the right place for you if you are looking for a high-quality bike helmet. We offer a large selection of road bike and mountain bike helmets in many different colours and designs. In addition, we provide you with separate information and data worth knowing about each individual offer in the POC bike helmet shop. This way, you will find exactly the POC bike helmet you need for your bike discipline. Regular discount campaigns and sales offers are waiting for you, which you can easily combine with our premium discount. If you don't want to miss any of these promotions in the future, sign up for our newsletter.



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