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In an emergency, every second counts - Pieps GmbH know that all too well. For this reason the company has made it their mission to manufacture the ideal equipment to support the search for victims in the event of an avalanche. Putting all of their passion and years of know-how into their avalanche transceivers, the company has become the worldwide leader in the production of this technology. Let their high quality and optimum practicality win you over so that you're prepared for the worst case scenario. The range offers solutions to ensure the safety of all mountain sports fans.

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brand: PIEPS

Pieps - the avalanche transceiver with tradition

Since 1972 this Austrian company has been developing and manufacturing safety products for use in the snow and ice. The Pieps that we know today was formed in 2006 in Styria, in the town of Lebring. Today, Pieps has over 40 years of experience in the development and production of avalanche transceivers. The company's vision and product positioning can be derived from the company's maxim - PREMIUM ALPINE PERFORMANCE. To develop their products, the company counts on the collaboration of professionals from the areas of science, ski instruction, mountain guiding and rescue. These specialists know exactly what matters in an emergency.
Pieps develop devices with life-saving functions and aim to offer the best possible support to those who are buried in an avalanche. The company places value on good service - before, during and after a purchase is made. For this reason, it's only natural for the company to offer device service. Upon request, this will perform checks on your avalanche transceiver. That way you can be sure at all times that your avalanche transceiver will work perfectly in an emergency. Moreover, on their website, Pieps share helpful know-how and give you many valuable tips on how to save an avalanche victim as efficiently as possible.

Pieps Micro avalanche transceiver - small but astounding

In skiing regions, avalanches are one of the most common causes of fatalities. Should you find yourself in such a situation, time is of the essence. Avalanche victims can often suffer serious injuries or broken bones due to falls and are unable to help themselves out. The general rule is: the faster those affected are found, the higher their chance of survival. The right equipment saves lives! The Pieps Micro avalanche transceiver is the smallest, lightest and most intuitive 3-antenna-beacon in the Pieps product range. What's more, the device is extremely robust, resistant, lightweight and waterproof. It has a maximum, circular reception range and starts to vibrate at initial detection. This allows focus to be shifted to the visual surface search during the signal search. The sensor technology enables easy, intuitive handling. Following a prolonged period of inactivity, it automatically switches from search mode to transmit mode. The wide range and the technical details make Pieps avalanche transceivers the perfect aid in the search for victims. They work perfectly under extreme temperature conditions from -20 to +45ºC. For all lovers of the great outdoors who are out and about in the mountains, Piep avalanche transceivers offer you the best possible support.

Pieps avalanche transceivers - safe and secure in the mountains

Avalanche transceivers are very handy and can be easily attached to a rucksack or your functional clothing. In the event of an accident, every second counts. Even if you get nervous, the intuitive handling of the device means that you can't go wrong. These robust avalanche transceivers work in any weather and even after a fall. Pieps offer you the necessary safety, so that you can be quickly located in the event of an emergency.