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On Running - Cloudtec in the shoe, speed on the track

Running shoes from On Running are now a household name for practically every runner. At the latest when you mention the special Cloudtec sole construction, which stands for the proverbial "running on clouds", every ambitious runner knows about it. The outsole consists of small, hollow chambers, the "Clouds". This special sole ensures that your muscles last longer and that you run at a lower heart rate. In addition, they cushion multidirectionally and adaptively when you step on them, i.e. they are adapted to your individual running style. As soon as your foot leaves the ground again, the clouds expand and give you additional power for an explosive push-off.

To further optimise this effect, On Running uses additional technologies. The combination of Cloudtec with the "Speedboard", a continuous midsole plate made of polymer, proves to be a dynamic mix. This combination is used, for example, in the successful Cloudsurfer and Cloudflash models. In addition, there is the design, the sometimes discreet, sometimes eye-catching colouring and above all the high wearing comfort. All of this makes the performance shoes of the Cloud generations loyal companions even outside of sports. For your next dinner or city trip, you'll be perfectly equipped with the Cloud 70 | 30 or Cloud models - and you can go for a run right away.

The advantages of On Running running products

In addition to premium running shoes, On Running has long had other running equipment in its range - and is also oriented towards the activity of the runner. For leisure running, training or competition on the road or trail, the right equipment is available in our online shop all year round. High-tech material combinations ensure good moisture transport, air circulation and breathability. Practical design elements such as thumb loops or a watch cut-out on the Weather running shirt let you keep an eye on your pace without rolling up your sleeves. Like the long sleeve, the short sleeve shirts from On Running also have functional cleverness - ventilation slits on the back of the Active-T Breathe women's running shirt or taped seams and mesh fabric in the back area of the Performance women's running shirt are just a few examples. In addition, each On Running men's collection also impresses with high wearing comfort thanks to soft fabric combinations and different cuts. The range here extends from casual to relaxed fit to active, from long sleeve to tank top. So you always have the right shirt to hand. And if you need an extra layer, grab the Weather running jacket from On - it's windproof, hard-wearing and water-repellent.

What applies to the Swiss running shirts, On also applies to its running trousers: Short legs, long legs, with elastane or without - the running shorts and running tights from On Running have what you need and provide you with ideal support before, during and after your run. The best possible moisture management, a comfortable fit and pockets for your smartphone and keys are all part of the basic equipment. Product highlights like the hybrid running shorts combine the positive characteristics of all worlds. Light, airy outer shorts made of fast-drying fabric and with versatile pockets are combined with tight inner tights. These - and this is the highlight - also have pockets that keep your mobile phone safely in place while running. In addition, the modular concept means that all running shorts and running tights from On Running can be ideally combined with other On products - just the way you need and like it.

Whether road, track or trail - On running shoes can do it all.

Over the past few years, On Running has literally expanded its product range. Every runner can now enjoy the "swiss engineering". No matter whether he or she is running on the road, trail or mountain. The sole constructions have been adapted to offer optimal traction and running comfort on a wide variety of terrain. Want to see some examples?

  • The On Cloudventure trail running shoe combines Cloudtec, Mission Grip and Speedboard in one shoe. This ensures a secure grip even in wet conditions, on rock or gravel, with simultaneous cushioning and ideal energy recovery.
  • The On Cloudultra even combines four technologies from On and thus embodies the company slogan "swiss engineering" in a particularly impressive way. Missiongrip gives you the necessary grip when you're out on varied terrain. A double Helion Superfoam layer and two CloudTec layers paired with Speedboard offer unbeatable cushioning and lasting comfort. The Cloudultra also comes with a closed outsole so that no stones can get stuck during your long trail runs.
  • For all road runners, the On Cloudswift or On Cloudboom combine On Running's proprietary technologies to help you get closer to your new best time - and feel completely comfortable.

On Running for all-season runners

It's a blessing to be able to run all year round. A blessing that On Running thinks so too. Many running shoes feature Helion, a lightweight, energy-efficient, responsive foam cushioning that protects you while you run and is resistant to temperature changes. This ensures optimal running comfort even in sub-zero temperatures. There are also waterproof versions of On Running running shoes, such as the Cloudflyer Waterproof or the Cloudventure Waterproof in the On Running online shop.

The On Running Shop at Keller Sports

Online shopping at Keller Sports is as comfortable as the On Running collections nestle against your feet and body. Exclusive offers and limited editions for your new best time are just a few clicks and a short delivery time away. Our newsletter not only informs you about the best On Running offers, but also about new products among the On Running products. So whether you're looking for the Cloud, Cloudultra, Cloudventure Cloudnova or Cloudace premium running shoes from On. We have all these models in stock in different colourways. Or are you looking for optimised running clothing from the Swiss inventors to go with your On running shoe? In our On Running Store you will quickly find what you are looking for.



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