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Are you looking for endless fun, maximum performance and unforgettable adventures? Then you must be on a path to Oakley. With the sports accessories from this US manufacturer you can test your sporting boundaries and surpass them time and again. Particularly in the areas of cycling glasses and ski goggles, Oakley insist on innovation, functionality and the best possible protection for your eyes.

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20 Recommendations

brand: Oakley

Sporting ambition as a signpost to success

When the company Oakley was founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard, it only had one goal: to create innovations for high-performance and leisure sport that had never been seen before. With the so-called "B-1B", an extremely effective grip for BMX handlebars, Jannard celebrated his first success in the professional racing sphere. Just five years later the brand smoothed the way for his further successes. With the development of the first goggles for the field of sport - the Oakley "O Frame" - he made his mark in the world of professional sport. This line of business helped the brand to make an international breakthrough and smoothed the way for Oakley's success today.

State-of-the-art technology leading to high-performance athletics

Thanks to the innovative technical characteristics and features, Oakley ski goggles are among the most advanced ski accessories to date. The most outstanding discoveries of the brand include lenses with Oakley's patented High Definition Optics® (HDO® for short). These lenses not only guarantee total UV protection, they also provide unique impact protection in the event of falls and are extremely robust. The most significant characteristic of HDO® is the unbeatable sharpness of vision and clarity. As far as vision is concerned, athletes cannot afford to compromise and thanks to Oakley, annoying shifts or limitations in the field of vision are a thing of the past.
A further feature of Oakley goggles is their PRIZM® technology. Thanks to the unique biochemical properties of the glass, the lenses adapt to the current weather conditions, ensuring perfect clarity of vision. Not forgetting Oakley's very own F3 anti-fog coating. This stops the lenses from misting up and obstructing your vision. Oakley have everything you need for your sporty adventures in the snow - give them a go!

Perfect vision wherever you turn

Many of the innovative characteristics of Oakley ski goggles are also featured in their excellent cycling glasses. PRIZM® technology ensures the perfect adjustment to different lights and guarantees the best possible vision at all times. The glasses, made of advanced glass materials, such as "ceramic mirror", guarantee 100% UV protection. Adjustable rubber nose pads and arms and supple arm ends offer you comfort and flexibility. Whether on a long-distance tour or on demanding cross-country terrain: with Oakley cycling glasses you will successfully surpass your sporting limits.

Oakley glasses - a modern symbiosis of functionality and design

The brand attaches utmost importance to the quality of their products, without neglecting their appearance. Oakley sunglasses and goggles are fashionable lifestyle accessories and can be customised to the needs of the wearer. The high-tech glasses are available in a wide range of colours and themes. Choose a frame design or headband to suit your tastes! The typical recognition value of the brand is always at the forefront. See for yourself. Discover the wide range of Oakley sports glasses in the Keller Sports online shop!