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Blisters on the feet, aching knees or the swimming feeling of standing sweat in the tennis shoe spoil the pleasure of tennis for every player. High-quality tennis shoes, however, do not give such ailments a chance. As a basis for a good choice of tennis shoes, different models are available that offer the optimal fit for every foot, while specially incorporated soles cushion the impact of the countless steps when running after the ball. The cushioning and spring characteristics should be selected according to the body weight in order to minimise the strain on the joints even with higher weights. The good hold of the shoe, which is adapted to the individual body conditions and foot shapes, also reduces the risk of injury. Nike tennis shoes, on the other hand, are designed against excessive sweating thanks to their outstanding features: Breathable materials allow air circulation and the removal of sweat from the inside of the shoe, while the shoe surface has been designed to be hard-wearing with high-quality synthetic leather to reduce wear and tear on the material. Nevertheless, even infrequent players should afford new tennis shoes regularly to prevent material fatigue at the expense of an increased risk of injury. Every two to three years, it is recommended that these players also buy new Nike tennis shoes.

The sole is also important for the selection of individually suitable Nike tennis shoes: while on some indoor courts, light and smooth soles without a tread are desired, in the outdoor area only the tread provides the player with the optimal support to find firm footing again for the next ball change when taking a pike after the ball. Thanks to the special design, Nike tennis shoes always remain lighter than classic sports shoes and thus reduce the amount of effort required by the athlete during training and matches.



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