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Nike has now launched specially designed shoes for all areas that support you in your training and offer you more safety. After all, every sport places different demands on footwear. During dynamic workouts you should always make sure that the ankle is sufficiently stabilised.

Nike SuperRep

The innovative design of the Nike SuperRep is designed to meet basic training needs such as cushioning, flexibility and support. The fitness shoe supports and cushions the forefoot during stressful movements such as HIIT training and circuit training. A light cover encloses the foot and provides support. Two Zoom Air elements in the forefoot provide responsive cushioning on the Nike SuperRep. The Burpee Break in the sole provides stability and flexibility throughout the workout.

Conclusion: Innovative cushioning for intensive fitness training. Reliable bounce, safe stopping and flexibility for floor exercises!

Nike SuperRep Go

The Nike SuperRep Go is perfect for dynamic workouts, both at home and in the studio. During dynamic workouts it is essential that the ankle is sufficiently stabilised. A flat rubber sole guarantees a firm stand, but allows the necessary flexibility. Ribbed material encloses the foot for a supportive feeling during fast movements. The thick foam sole under the Nike SuperRep Go cushions every movement. The breathable mesh upper is especially pleasant on this Nike training shoe for a comfortable feel.

Conclusion: The perfect shoe for your home workouts, light as a feather and uncomplicated.

Nike SuperRep Cycle

This Nike shoe is ideal for indoor cycling due to its ultra breathable design. A great innovation is the lightweight mesh material. This makes the shoe breathable and flexible. It keeps you cool while ventilation slits on the sole ensure air circulation from below. In addition, two quickly adjustable Velcro fasteners secure your foot during intensive movements. The stiff sole under the foot optimises energy transfer.

Conclusion: Perfectly prepared for the trend sports spinning and indoor cycling. Put it on, click it in and off you go!

Nike SuperRep Groove

This new member of the Nike SuperRep family is designed with women in mind. It is especially suitable for cardio and dance sessions. It is very stable and non-slip while you move and rotate through your workout. The soft foam cushioning and the side covers offer support during all exercises.

Conclusion: Your partner for cardio and dance units. Get into the groove!

Nike SuperRep Surge

The latest model in the SuperRep family is the Nike SuperRep Surge. It is designed for high-intensity workouts on the treadmill and rowing machine. It also gives you the stability you need during weight training. The ultra-light Nike ZoomX foam gives you excellent energy return. The upper material promotes breathability. In addition, a rowing clip on the heel makes the transition to and from your rowing machine easier.

Conclusion: You are ready for your next boot camp!



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