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Nike Metcon shoe models - the origin

Nike knew the verdict regarding the Metcon. Once before, an organisation had "banned" a shoe from the brand. In 1985, the NBA found Michael Jordan's first signature sneaker - or more precisely, the black and red colourway - too colourful. The league banned or fined MJ for every game in which he wore his new shoe. So the story goes, although the "banned shoe" was more likely the Ship, which Jordan wore until the release of his own signature shoe. Be that as it may. Instead of buckling, Nike built an advertising campaign around the "ban" and created the corresponding myth at the same time. Today, Jordans, especially the first ones, are among the most popular sneakers on the planet. The Nike Metcon has not yet reached that stage. But Nike's workout machine already knows its own spellbinding history. After the introduction of the first model in 2015, CrossFit Games officials banned the shoe from being worn at competitions. Its name leaned too much on the metabolic aspect of CrossFit and would thus get in the way of the relationship between the CrossFit Games and the official sports shoe partner, a competitor of Nike. Time for the next campaign. "Don't ban our shoe. Beat our shoe" the brand texted, again creating a small myth. This time around the Nike Metcon. The decisive factor was the technology anyway. Nike gave its first Metcon an "X" construction that was supposed to guarantee stability, versatility and durability. For a long time, this idea served as a successful basis. Year after year, the brand presented a new evolution of the Nike Metcon and tailored the shoe more and more precisely to the requirements of CrossFit and workouts in general. The sneaker has now reached its seventh generation. Stability is still the top priority. In addition, Nike gave the latest Metcon comfortable cushioning and thus increased comfort. The shoe is still one of the brand's most popular workout models - and since 2019, it can also be worn at the CrossFit Games.

Flexibility and stability - the Nike Metcon

Freedom of movement at the front, support and stability at the back. The soles of the latest Nike Metcon models are based on this concept. This gives you exactly the security you need for intensive weightlifting sessions, especially at the heel. On the forefoot, on the other hand, you remain mobile enough for agile exercises, such as box jumps or a short sprint. Additional lateral support is provided by the Nike Metcon women's and men's overlays on the outside. A breathable upper ensures a pleasant foot climate during intensive sessions. Nike cobbles an all-round workout shoe onto your foot that effectively supports you during various exercises. This also includes a close fit that optimally adapts to your foot after a few sessions.

React & Hyperlift: Advantages of the Nike Metcon

Reactive cushioning for even more comfort. An additionally reinforced heel area. The current generation of the Nike Metcon, available online at Keller Sports, is also full of technologies that make your workout more comfortable and effective:

Nike React damping plus heel plate: The Metcon only received a traditional midsole in its seventh generation. Instead, Nike gave it its soft, energy-giving React damping. This means the shoe efficiently absorbs impact, but always retains the stability you need for sessions with heavier weights. Thanks to the comfort gained, the Nike Metcon 7 also makes your cardio workout more pleasant. It also has a heel plate that ensures stability even under pressure. Perfect for lifting weights.

Hyperlift heel for a balance between stability and flexibility: For several generations, Nike worked with insoles that were designed to increase freedom of movement at the heel. The seventh Metcon, on the other hand, already has this feature firmly integrated into its setup. Hyperlift is a robust heel construction that gives you the stability of a weightlifting shoe on the one hand and the necessary freedom for other workouts on the other.

Non-slip outsole with flex grooves: You need grip for lifting weights as well as for CrossFit or HIIT. Nike has therefore given the Metcon workout shoe a grippy outsole, which adheres to the surface even more intensively in the seventh generation. Additional flex grooves adapt the sole even better to the movements of your foot and hold it even more firmly in the footbed.

Breathable upper: The more intense the workout, the higher the temperatures inside your shoe. To prevent overheating, the US company equips all models in the Nike Metcon Shop at Keller Sports with breathable mesh and thus guarantees a pleasant foot climate. At the same time, the material hugs your foot comfortably and minimises pressure points. Reinforcements in particularly stressed areas increase stability.

All-round stability thanks to smart reinforcements: It all starts with Nike's Flywire lacing, which keeps the foot firmly in the shoe. The Nike Metcon is reinforced exactly where the load is highest during CrossFit or weightlifting. For the desired result, the brand pulls the sole a little higher to increase stability during lateral movements.

Nike's Metcon: All-rounder for your workout

Whenever you head to the gym, the Nike Metcon serves as a reliable companion. Its light weight and reactive cushioning make it the perfect partner for cardio units or CrossFit workouts. Additional reinforcements also predestine the shoe for units with heavy weights. All-round qualities in abundance. That's what our Nike Metcon offers you.

Nike Metcon training shoe at Keller Sports

As an all-round sneaker, the Nike Metcon fits almost every workout. However, the more information you have in advance, the more precisely you can make your purchase decision. That's why we don't just provide you with technical features in our Nike Metcon Shop. We also include personal experiences from our Metcon tests in our advice. This is how you find exactly the right Nike Metcon for you. Your desired colourway, your desired upper, your perfect size. In the end, you'll know that little bit more and can buy your Nike Metcon online - the perfect sneaker for your workout.