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The history of the Nike Free TR

The history of the Nike Free TR began with Nike athletes training barefoot. They served as the brand's inspiration for a new sole construction that was supposed to convey the feeling of running without shoes. In 2005, Nike's Free series was born. A unique runner silhouette at the time, it was designed to give the feet new freedom while improving running style and increasing the training effect on the muscles. The protection and comfort of a shoe, paired with the natural advantages of the human anatomy. That was the idea. That is the idea to this day. Because Nike didn't just reserve its Free technology for running shoes.

Over the years, not only evolutions followed, but above all other models, including the Nike Free TR. After all, daily workouts also benefit from the most natural movements possible. Movements that on the one hand favour the training effect for the muscles and on the other hand are extremely supple thanks to the unbelievably flexible Free sole. In addition, the Nike Free TR provides a mix of support, sock-like fit and low weight. It is explicitly designed to provide you with the best possible support during training - and the formula works. After all, the sneaker is already available in numerous versions. Each one is a little more effective, each one a little more suitable for making your workout effective and comfortable.

Workout with the Nike Free TR: comfort and a natural flow of movement

The basis of every workout: your feet and joints. They need support and comfort, as well as protection from high stress. With the Free TR, Nike aims to do just that. The upper of the premium sneaker is designed so that you hardly notice it, so that it doesn't leave any pressure marks or chafe. At the same time, it provides support and, together with the shoe's setup, prevents you from twisting. The Free sole allows freedom of movement and at the same time cushions so that you overload your knees and ankles less quickly. The Nike Free TR, available online at Keller Sports, feels natural. It gives you exactly the comfort, support and protection you need for an intense, safe and efficient workout.

The TR - the perfect workout base thanks to Nike's Free technology.

Minimalism as a maxim. A feeling as if you were moving barefoot across the training mat. With full comfort and protection. Thanks to innovative technologies, Nike has cobbled the perfect workout shoe onto your feet with the Free TR. These are the advantages of the Nike Free TR:

  • Free sole: Nike's developers studied the movement of the foot on grass for over a year. They discovered the positive effects of barefoot running on flexibility, balance and strengthening of the foot. Nike's Free sole is based on these findings. It imitates the movements of the foot while remaining extremely flexible and providing support and cushioning at the same time. Today, the technology is even more precisely adapted to the anatomy and natural movements of the foot of men and women. The barefoot feel is particularly suitable for short runs and intense workouts, as the foot can move naturally in all directions. It does not come up against artificially created limits anywhere.
  • Comfortable fit: Support without standing out. The Nike Free TR uses a thin, breathable mesh upper that feels like you're wearing socks. At the same time, it provides enough support without chafing.
  • Integrated tongue: The fewer bumps a shoe has, the more intensively and quickly you can change directions, pick up the pace and move. And that without anything chafing. Straight seams can easily cause open areas, which is why Nike integrates the tongue of the Free TR into the upper. It fits comfortably over the top of the foot and still provides the best possible support.
  • Zigzag stitching for extra support: Of course, you don't want to slip around in the shoe. That's why Nike supplements the sock-like upper material of the Free TR with a zigzag seam that holds the lacing in place. In this way, you can securely fasten the shoe without creating pressure points.

The Nike Free TR: made for your workout.

You get your heart rate up, lift weights, work on your core muscles or your flexibility. You specifically strain individual muscle groups or the circulation to increase your performance and well-being bit by bit. The Nike Free TR does the rest. It provides everything you need for this. The training shoe reduces the load on the joints, counteracts twisting and slipping of the foot and provides comfort. But it never pushes itself to the fore. You can quickly change direction and put on more and more weight without thinking about your shoe.

The Nike Free TR in the Keller Sports online shop

Regardless of your workout goal - whether you want to build muscle, strengthen your core muscles or improve your flexibility - with the Nike Free TR, the US brand equips you with the ideal training shoe. Of course, the Nike Free TR is available for men and women. And the training shoe also scores in terms of stylish looks: different colourways let you adapt the Free TR to your outfit to express your individuality. That's why the Nike Free TR Shop at Keller Sports offers you a whole range of Free TR models that you can have conveniently delivered to your home.



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