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Nike Free RN - inspiration from barefoot running

The missing vowel in the Nike Free RN doesn't let the actual intention disappear behind the curtain. RN. Run. With the Free RN, Nike presented a very special running shoe more than ten years ago: a runner that was supposed to promote a particularly natural running feeling. The Free sole, which experts Tobie Hatfield and Eric Avar had spent years researching and perfecting, served as the basis. Inspiration had come from track and field athletes who trained barefoot on grass between their competitions.

With these images in mind, Nike wanted to use its Free sole to specifically train the 52 muscles of the foot. To realise this idea, the brand designed the material to be extremely flexible and used a minimal drop. The foundation of the Nike Free RN. Until 2016, when the Swoosh took the series out of the programme - only to relaunch it three years later, thankfully. Flexibility and a neutral running feel were of course once again the focus.

Because even with the new, significantly revised generations of the Nike Free RN, it almost feels like running barefoot, although there is now a slight cushioning effect in the running shoe. The numbering, for example 2.0 or 5.0, describes the intensity of the running shoe's damping. However, it is never too noticeable. Otherwise a great deal of naturalness would be lost.

Flexibility and a futuristic exterior - Nike's Free RN

While the setup focuses on the essence of every step, the look of the Nike Free RN, available online at Keller Sports in various colourways, looks to the future. Nike gives the barefoot running feeling a futuristic look with the Free RN. At the same time, the shoe is incredibly light and naturally flexible. This is thanks to the notches in the outsole of the runner. However, you should hardly expect any cushioning. The impact is rather hard, which in turn increases the training effect for your foot muscles. A thin, sock-like upper also contributes to this.

The advantages of the Nike Free RN - more technology for more minimalism

The Nike Free RN is all about reduction. Nike researched to get as close to minimalism as possible and to offer maximum flexibility. The advantages of the Free RN are made up accordingly:

  • Flexible Free sole: It is both the basis and the heart of the Free runner. Thanks to its outsole with its characteristic notches, the Nike Free RN offers a level of flexibility like no other running shoe. Thanks to its deep sipes, the sole not only adapts to the movements of your foot, it also ensures that it can roll as naturally as possible.
  • Flexible upper: You should feel as little as possible in the Free RN. That's why Nike has also cut back on the upper. Minimalism dominates there too. It is soft and thin and thus contributes significantly to the low weight of the runner. At the same time, it offers a high degree of breathability. Targeted suede reinforcements ensure that foot support is never neglected. The upper of the Nike Free RN fits snugly and sock-like to your foot, but at the same time is firm enough to guarantee freedom of movement.
  • Minimal cushioning and close proximity to the ground for a natural running feeling: flexibility is one thing, proximity to the ground including almost direct contact is another. This is the only way to create the barefoot feeling when running. That's why the outsole of the Nike Free RN for both men and women is equipped with a relatively hard rubber compound. This makes more demands on the foot during the run, while at the same time increasing your own awareness of the shape of your stride. You load more consciously and in a more targeted manner, perceive your footing and your movements more clearly. At the same time, the outsole provides the flexibility and stability you need for intense runs.

Nike's Free RN: perfect for short training runs

Nike keeps the Free RN deliberately neutral and minimal. That's why you use it primarily for short distances and intensive training runs. Especially if you want to offer your foot muscles a targeted workout and strengthen them over the long term. Thanks to the minimalist, flexible setup, the running shoe is also suitable if you want to hone your running technique. At the same time, the Nike Free RN is especially suitable if you have a forefoot or midfoot running style. You can find more information about the technologies used and the advantages of the runner in the detailed item descriptions in our Nike Free RN Store.

The Nike Free RN Shop at Keller Sports

While the Nike Free RN aims for a neutral, as natural as possible running feeling, it still serves all the necessary requirements that a modern running shoe should fulfil. Especially for running shoes that are intended for shorter training runs. In the Nike Free RN Shop at Keller Sports you will find different versions of the premium running shoe and also different colourways that optimise the look of your run. You can easily order our entire Nike Free RN range online and combine attractive price reductions with our premium discount. Our newsletter also provides you with news on all new Nike Free RN models for men and women.



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