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Nike Free

The Nike Free. The latest developments, always in fashion. No shoe is as popular or generates so much excitement as the Nike Free. It impresses not only with great protection for your foot, but also with a natural running style. Thanks to innovative technologies the Nike Free has become one of the most popular shoes of our times.

With apparent ease, professional runners can achieve so much in their sport with the Nike Free. The secret to success lies in the freedom of movement of the running shoe from Nike. Over a period of several years Nike's designers have been done some research and found new insights in biomechanics, the pressure conditions and the landing angle when running. But regardless of whether you want to use it running on the track, in the gym or simply in everyday life as a stylish trainer. The shoe innovation Nike Free is suitable for any occasion, kits you out perfectly and offers you support to measure.

Buy the Nike Free online

In order to be able to buy the Nike Free online and to get the benefit of great comfort while shopping, the online shop of Keller Sports has put together a team of consultants, that can help you out with a lot of useful information. The technique of the avant-garde with the Nike Free holds many inspiring details for you, which we would gladly pass on to you. And also if you are looking for a shoe that meets all your training plans, we are gladly available to provide you with comprehensive advice about the Nike Free.

Flexibility in droves - the Nike Free

The outstanding feature of the Nike Free is the exceptionally high flexibility. The selection of the cushioning and the being near to the ground is specified with a points system. The lower the number the more flexible the outer sole is. Whether it be the 3.0, 4.0 or 5.0 you can in any case buy it for great prices on the online store of Keller Sports. The consequence of better mobility of footwear for women and men is that with a dynamic fit you can achieve a much more natural running feeling, which is comparable to bare-foot running. Therefore the company has given the Nike Free a sole, which has so-called flex grooves. These deep grooves allow you to have a natural rolling of the foot. But even here Nike has been working on the details and designed the cuts in a square shape.

Another plus on your way to success with a great running feeling: since flexibility and stability are guaranteed with this idea along the length and width of the shoe. Also the outer material achieves a new level of prevention and comfort: firstly the lacing on the Nike Free is attached anatomically correct and prevents pressure points. And secondly the overlays of a sock are modeled. The very best wearing characteristics are therefore guaranteed! The effect of barefoot running with the Nike Free is obvious: Both the muscles in the calves and the foot as well as your passive muscoskeletal system and the ankles are specifically targeted and trained better. Conversely you are taking precaution with our models from the rich collection of Nike Free with Keller Sports and you lower the risk of injury. And for ambitious runners there is also the advantage to work on a better running style and to be able to increase awareness of your own technique step by step.

Feel the freedom

Keller Sports offers you the opportunity to buy Nike Free for great prices right now. As an additional service for you we have come up with the KSPME® in our online shop. With the Keller Sports Product Matching Engine you can find your ideal choice of shoes precisely and with a slider you can set the upper and lower limits of your ideal prices for example. Buy Nike Free online with our range, our advice and a fantastic operating menu you hold all the cards with Keller Sports



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