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Concepts for running - New Balance men's running shoes

With a constant development of the New Balance men's running shoes, the well-known brand is always bringing out something new, and inspires runners to new heights on all surfaces. Whether you would like to focus specifically on great cushioning or stability, or whether you are looking for shoes for the terrain or a competition in the city - the online shop of Keller Sports has developed a wide array of New Balance running shoes for men and provides the suitable shoe for any situation.

Tips from the experts - find New Balance men's running shoes at Keller Sports

We have not only introduced a high-quality selection of our product range for a good support while running. We have also set up a service for you which can give you all the technical details and information about the New Balance men's running shoes. Furthermore we advise you with our specially made group of consultants in the running sector for example, who can answer all possible issues which concern your track running. Do you prefer running on firm ground? We give you comprehensive advice about what running shoes are best suited to your favourite surface. Since the New Balance men's running shoes respond to each surface with a convincing cutting-edge technology, which guarantee you optimal running pleasure. Or are there changes in your running group? The running distances are getting longer, the tempo is changing - we are happy to discuss every detail of your training if you want and give you useful information too. However we want to keep improving. Just like the top brands for running shoes (like New Balance), the online shop of Keller Sports is always making new developments, and from now on we're bringing cutting-edge technology into our online running shop in the form of the KSPME®. The abbreviation stands for Keller Sports Product Matching Engine. Here you can, for example, type in your body weight and then have a full overview of which New Balance running shoes are best for you. But there are also many other categories to choose from, in which you can find your ideal running shoe easily and quickly!

New Balance men's running shoes promise great cushioning properties - the 760 series

The 760 series of men's running shoes from New Balance brings its strengths especially when running long distances. The background is a variety of technical details, which went into the development of this top product. N-Ergy is the keyword here: behind that there is material which deforms in the loading phase but goes back to its original shape afterwards. You will also benefit here, especially when running far! This high-tech element finds support in the best cushioning ABZORB in the New Balance running shoes for men. Furthermore there is the use of the inner material which works completely without seams. Specially designed adhesive technologies provide any runner with great comfort. That is another strong argument of why to use the 760 series on long runs, blisters are now a thing of the past! Optimal is a moderate to high body weight of 70kg or more. You can use the models from this series without any problems; the model is very strong on both running tracks and trails too. And this is for 2 reasons. Firstly you get a great grip with the sole. And secondly the stability elements prevent overpronation during the rolling phase of the inner part of the foot. As a result the New Balance running shoes for men have developed into true all-rounders with a wide array of applications.



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