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Are you a long-distance or ultra marathon runner, a triathlete or casual runner? If so, the NATHAN product range is for you. The company specialising in running gear offers backpacks and sports gilets, belts and many accessories that help you run faster for longer.

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38 Recommendations

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Essential accessories for long-distance runners

NATHAN is a brand specially designed to help you run longer and stronger. The company based in Olen in Belgium is a market leader in the area of innovative sports equipment. Hundreds of thousands of athletes worldwide train each day using Running Essentials™ products by this renowned brand. The items are available in well-stocked specialist retailers in over 45 countries, and this number is increasing.

Essential accessories for long-distance runners


In addition to modern design, functionality is important to NATHAN product developers. Reflective running vests increase your safety when running in the dark. The lightweight material feels pleasant against skin and - just like the backpacks and other running accessories - is breathable and moisture-regulating. NATHAN running belts are also a handy accessory that don't impede running movement. Most belts can have a drinks bottle attached to them, ensuring sufficient fluid intake during your run. These lightweight drinks belts often include a zip-up pocket for storing smartphones and valuables.

Clever lacing systems and more by NATHAN

You'll find a range of amazing products in the NATHAN range at Keller Sports. One of these is the reflective lacing system. Save time in the transition zone during marathons or triathlons with these time-saving shoelaces. Simply set up the Lock Laces one time and then adjust them using the cord. You'll benefit from a consistently fitting shoe. The NATHAN lock and clip system is patented. The Lightbender RX with its various coloured lights helps keeps you visible. The USB-rechargable LED band flashes as you require, is scratch-resistant and waterproof.

Sponsored athletes as brand ambassadors

NATHAN supports runners around the world, helping them to improve their performance. These include well-known triathletes, marathon and long-distance runners. The NATHAN athlete team also features Rob Krar, Ultra Runner of the Year in 2013 and 2014. Other athletes include Stephanie Howe, ultrarunner and successful trainer. She won "The Western States 100" in 2014. Michael Wardian, marathon and ultrarunner continues to set records using high-quality accessories by NATHAN. Ultrarunner Paul Giblin completes the team at NATHAN.

Safely equipped with NATHAN running accessories

Regardless of whether you're ordering a belt, running vest or other NATHAN running accessories, you can always rely on high quality and safety standards. The slim-fitting products are carefully examined and tested by athletes in the field. At Keller Sports you'll find running accessories by NATHAN for men and women in various designs and colours.