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Multipower - the component-rich sports nutrition for lasting success

Multipower is the biggest manufacturer of nutritional supplements which are tailored to the needs of athletes and cover perfectly for the increased need for energy and the like. With bars, capsules, drinks or shakes, Multipower is also a true full-service provider in nutrition. For decades now, the brand has been one of the leading companies in Europe in the market for nutrition. And in order to continue the story of success, the manufacturer has contracted athletes from the high-performance sports section. As a result we present you with a selected range of products in the online shop of Keller Sports: with us you will find fitness nutrition, with which you can reach a new level of performance with a simply designed, optimum product.

The Multipower shakes help you get to the next level

In the bulking phase, protein shakes support the anabolic processes in your body in a very natural way. The Formula series relies on the multi-component principle: here you have several proteins which are metabolized in different time periods (for example whey, casein and egg whites). Therefore you can resort to a Formula shake at any time of the day and this provides great efficiency in any case. As a result, you can build (depending on your training goal) either targeted muscles or you can get on your way to building muscle - that is the key in the diet phase. Other benefits are also available: the Formula shakes are easy to digest and can be taken at normal meal times or between meals without any problems. Secondly, the proportion of albumen increases the absorption of amino acids. So you can get all the effects that you hope for from your drink!

The bar from Multipower - perfect energy suppliers

The bar from Multipower is the ideal companion in a gym for a workout or on the training pitch. Because these energy bars can very easily and practically be consumed during activity, they can support you well with supplies in terms of carbohydrates. But even as a little snack you can use the bars to keep a good balance of nutrients in your body. The Multipower bars in the Natural Energy, Nature's Power or Fruit Power series all have high-quality ingredients such as minerals, vitamins and valuable proteins. And in addition to milk protein or oatmeal there are always a few extra ingredients for great taste like coconut, banana pieces or different varieties yoghurt.

Consulting services in the online shop of Keller Sports

So that you can integrate Multipower into your training plans and can therefore build on your nutritional supplements to support your efforts in the best possible way, we advise you to get in contact with us. If you're planning a diet and want to know what you should take particular notice of and what intake of food is best for you, then we explain to you the advantages of the fitness nutrition of Multipower and how it can help you achieve your goals. Or do you want to improve your endurance or have more power in your shots in tennis or more power in your legs? Even for situations like this in practice, we have prepared tips for you on how you can use Multipower. Please get in contact with our consultant team of Keller Sports, which is home to the world of fitness and sports and we will gladly give you comprehensive advice. You can find the contact details of Keller Sports on our online shop.

KSPME® - The 5 components of Keller Sports

The nutritional supplements of Multipower stand out in their composition due to their large number of components. And the online shop of Keller Sports has several components for you, namely the search engine with 5 filters which we have developed for you - it is called the KSPME® for short. These 5 letters stand for Keller Sports Product Matching Engine. With this search engine you can fine tune your search for products from Multipower for an optimized shopping experience. Are you looking for the right equipment like beakers or bottles, so that you can take your valuable shakes into the gym without any hassle or alternatively onto the tennis court? With just a few clicks in the KSPME® your customised display will be shown.