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To explore the mountains, the forest, nature alone helps inner peace, but is closed to sharing. Shared panoramic view. Common review. Fails. To run off with others increases the fun factor - thought Montura and does not stand alone with it. Together with Workframe, Wildnis and Change, Brand is part of the Tasci Srl Group, which was founded in 1987 in Rovereto. In the center of the union: demanding customers everything around mountaineering and outdoor to offer excursions.

Montura takes on the role of innovator for outdoor equipment. Ergonomic apparel for the mountain tour, freeride, bike, run - Montura always has the right items. It is always crucial to support you in the best possible way; to allow you exactly the movements you need to explore nature completely freely. To give you the help you need to concentrate fully on the sport, the view and the impression.


"Searching a new way". Leave old paths to find new ways. It is under this mantra that the brand creates its innovative products. Montura articles should accompany you when you go out, discover new routes - because they have already seen all this. Montura products are created where you want them: while climbing, on the ski slope, on your way to the next 5,000m. That's where the brand finds its ideas. Based on these experiences, the brand takes improvement approaches from professionals, develops them and later incorporates them into new Montura articles. This approach, which is based on cooperation, promises maximum functionality with perfect ergonomics for a pleasant wearing experience. In addition, there is the practical idea. Montura designs its equipment so that you always have what you need ready to hand.


  • Founded: 1987 (Tasci Srl Group)
  • Founder: Tasci Srl Group
  • Company headquarters: Rovereto, Italy
  • Number of employees: about 70 (Tasci Srl)
  • Annual turnover: around 41 million euros (2017/Tasci Srl Group)
  • Website:
  • Sports: Outdoor, Running


  • Fairness: Whenever necessary, Montura supports areas affected by natural disasters through outdoor events.
  • Professional input: Before design and production Montura accompanies professionals on their expeditions for inspiration.
  • For Hobby & Professional Sports: Montura articles are for your excursions as well as for the requirements of mountain guides.


Perfect ergonomics and pleasant cuts make the beginning. The function follows shortly afterwards. Water-repellent membranes and UV protection are just as much a part of the basic equipment of many Montura articles as effectively insulating Pertex Quantum® material. Exactly what you are looking for? With us you will find Montura online. Keller Sports, as a Montura dealer, offers you the entire range of Italian equipment. Softshell jackets, the comfortable fleece, functional shirts, cycling and functional trousers for trekking. Plus shorts for hiking in summer, tank tops for hot, insulation jackets for cold days. You can get all this in our Montura Shop - in the Montura Sale often even at particularly attractive prices.


Montura articles accompany professional athletes like extreme mountaineer Hans Kammerlander on their climbing routes, expeditions and ski tours. In addition, the brand organizes workshops with professionals to encourage the exchange of ideas. In the course of these workshops, new perspectives emerge, at the end of which new ideas are exchanged. The decisive factor is always the experience, which facilitates the search for new paths and thus paves the way to innovation. An intensive process that does not nail Montura articles to a few sports. You can get the equipment of the Italian brand for your hiking trips as well as the ski slope, your bike and climbing tours and canoe trips. Whenever you want to explore nature, Montura will give you the right apparel for your new way.


Montura's approach does not only work in theory. Those who need to know underline the suitability of the brand's jackets and functional wear. They are simply dependent on it. Montura not only equips numerous sportsmen, sportswomen and adventurers, but also mountain rescuers and even mountain guides use Montura articles for the daily test of strength with nature and thus equip themselves for any weather. They trust the innovations of the ambitious brand and can rely on them. Compromises excluded. There is hardly a more effective seal of quality.



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